Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lets Go Swimming

The other day Watty and his buddy got the chance to play. We pulled out the kiddy pool and they both LOVED the pool. I see that it will be enjoyed much by Watty. He hates the Houston heat. Watty and Trotter will play again in the next few weeks.Trotter chasing Watty out of the pool

Watty ready to pounce on Trotter

Trotter tripping out of the pool

Watty sharing his pool


...And Trotter is in the lead but wait Watty is catching up

Watty rolling in the grass after jumping in the pool

Trotter stealing my squeaky pig

Watty enjoying his pool

The pool after the play date. YUCK!

Watty in timeout during play date. He should learn you do not mount other dogs while playing.We noticed that Trotter's ears look like they have been permed when they got wet. I thought it was cute.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Month 10

Watty and I have been buddies 10 months now. This month we haven't done anything exciting except getting stuff worked out for this busy upcoming summer. I found a dress for Shannon's wedding and had to find dresses for the bridal lunch and rehearsal dinner so that is all done. I also found out that Watty does not like the noise level at the hockey games so I am saddened that I will not take him to the games unless I can somehow get him to overcome the fear.Watty has been a bad little puppy but I love him. He ate another piece of fabric on mother's day so mom got to play vet on mothers day. This morning I found out that I will get to meet Joe Don, Jay, and Gary of Rascal Flatts when I go to their concert in June. I am very excited about that. Next month's update will be a lot longer. We have a few activities coming up.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Hope all moms had a wonderful day yesterday. Moms was good, Watty even gave her something. Around his dinner time I noticed some fabric on the floor close to me so I told him to get it, thinking he would not get it but he did. I praised since we are having retrieving problems. I told him to take it to mom which she was sewing on the sewing machine. He went to her and she said he didn't have anything(we were in the same room). Yes you can see where I am going, he swallowed two 9x2 inch pieces. Mom became the vet and gave him peroxide. First we didn't know how much to give so thanks to Google I found a video of how to do it if necessary. He did not like us and he even wiggled out of his collar. He did throw it up thank God. Mom was freaking out she was going to poison him but we did what we were told from last time so I had to keep reminding her. Other than that mom had a great mother's day.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Snobby puppy

Yes that is right, I have one. Watty has to have water that our other dog has not touched because at times Chip gets a little of his hair in the water. Watty has now started to drink our toilet water instead of the water in the WATER bowl. I caught him this afternoon trying to drink water off the shower floor. He needs snobby rehab. lol If anyone has ideas Please share.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A picnic and a big mouth

Saturday Mom, Dad, Watty and I went to a picnic at dad's friend's house. The friend has about 18 acres and the wife does aquatic therapy with horses and they also board horses. When we arrived Watty saw one of the horses in the pasture and barked his head off inside the car. He calmed down and was good except he did bark while the band was playing. Some of the ham radio guys have made a band and Watty decided to sing along:P. Actually he just barked once alerting me he needed to do his business. Such a good boy. There was also a 6 week old filly/foal(whichever it is called) and they said she was already $50,000. We were and still are shocked at that price. Other than that we had a good time.

Watkins has such a big mouth. He can get about 3 toys in his mouth. He is crazy. He even growls and barks at times with toys in his mouth. Watching Watkins personality bloom with me is enjoyable. I love finding all his silly quirks.

Friday, May 1, 2009


I will repeat-I HATE TICKETMASTER. A month ago I bought tickets to see Rascal Flatts in June. I told them the specific row and section I wanted and the lady helping me even commented on how those are going to be great seats. Well not for me. She messed my tickets up so bad that I am pretty much the last row of the section. The day I got them my mind kept saying they were wrong but I kept telling myself no because the lady had called ticketmaster and they told her what to do. Last night I took my tickets out and almost screamed in tears(I know I am stupid) seeing how far from what I wanted I was. I still don't see how she got the letter EE out of A. I am so pissed. I am praying I am just reading the ticket wrong but also I am telling myself at least I am going. I am at least going. I am at least going. I am at least going. I am at least going. I will have a blast. I will have a blast. I will have a blast. I will have a blast. I will have a blast.