Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Big Easy

November 5 Watty, Olivia, and I went to visit my adopted sister and nephew in New Orleans for the weekend. We had dinner with Valicia and Matthew and her friend Bruce. As soon as we saw each other we were cracking jokes and laughing the whole night. At the hotel we had a small bump in the road but it was fixed pronto and all was good.

Friday we went down to the river walk and walked that to the French Quarter. On the river walk they had a female and male jester that we took pictures by. Watty did not like the male jester. The female jester he was fine with. When we went to the French Quarter there was a horse carriage accident in our path. We had to go a different way to get to see the St. Louis Cathedral. Once we got there we couldn't see a way for me to get in so we just walked the grounds. BEAUTIFUL. We then headed to Cafe du Monde and had beignets. Yummy! Then we went to the French Market for some shopping. We decided to take a street car back to our car since we walked all the way down. It was fun since I had never been on one before. That night we parted for about an hour because Olivia had to run to walmart and I had to run back to the hotel for a few minutes. Bruce, Valicia and Matthew met us back at the hotel and we headed out to eat. Had a blast laughing and joking around again. We decided that night that we would go visit a plantation on Saturday.

Saturday rolled around and we headed to Oak Alley Plantation. It was a very beautiful place lined with 3oo year old oak trees. When we got up to the house we noticed they were setting up for a wedding later that evening. Valicia joked with me about how I should have my wedding there whenever I get married. Always have dreamed of a plantation wedding :). After we walked around and was getting eaten alive by HUGE misquotes we decided to head to Boomtown. Olivia and I wanted to go to a casino and Boomtown is a casino with a kids game room upstairs. Once we got there I decided to go with Valicia and Matthew to the game room to spend more time with them. We had a blast.

When Sunday came I didn't want to go home but had to. Valicia and Matthew met us for breakfast before we left. Matthew didn't want us to go. Nor did Valicia so goodbyes were kinda hard but we are planing to see each other again and hopefully they will be coming to Houston for a visit.

While we were in New Orleans something either bit or stung Watty. Since it itched he scratched and scratched and it turned into a hot spot. Now we have been treating the hot spot and he is a cone head for a while til it heals.