Friday, October 15, 2010

Swollen Face

Yesterday Watty looked like he had been punched in the face. After lunch I was in the room where my computer is and Watty was on the couch beside me. I had called his name and he didn't raise his head up so i started goofing of and he wagged his tail but wouldn't raise his head up. I finally said Watkins and he raised his head up and looked at me. When I saw his face I had Olivia come look at him to make sure I wasn't seeing things. We determine yes his face was swollen and I then decided to take him to the vet. His eyes almost were swollen shut and his ears were a little swollen. Once checked out we have decide he must have tried to pick up a wasp or bee because only one side of his mouth was swollen. He stayed the afternoon at the vet just to keep an eye on him. He is now on steroids and benadryl for a few days. When I got him back yesterday afternoon he looked so much better.

Busy Busy Busy

Last week Watty and I were busy bees. We had 4 concerts in 1 week. Saturday Oct 2 we saw Tracey Lawerance and Blake Shelton, Wednesday the country radio station had a free concert so Jen and I went and saw Billy Currington, Friday night Jen and I went to the House of Blues downtown and saw Joey & Rory, and the Saturday we went and saw Sugarland for Jen's birthday. I have already blogged about Tracey, Blake, and Billy earlier. Pictures of Joey & Rory and Sugarland will have to be added later.

When we were allowed in to the theater we noticed it was a small room. It turned out to be awesome because there were about 30-50 people there and it was an acoustic set. An intimate setting and the way they did the show was cool. They told us how they met and fell in love and married. As they did this they added songs so it was as they were telling a story of their life through song. Afterwords they did a meet and greet and pictures with all who came to the show. When it was our turn Joey got down on Watty's level to give him some love and he kissed her like crazy. Rory bent down to pet Watty and Watty kissed him on the mouth. They both laughed and got a big kick out of Watty. A few months ago their yellow lab passed away unexpectedly. Can't wait to go to another concert of theirs.
Saturday was Sugarland concert. I got Jen tickets to the concert for her birthday. She was super shocked when I told her we were going. Randy Montana and Little Big Town were their opening act. This was both Jen and I first time seeing Sugarland in concert. Their concert is energy packed and crazy. Watty kept trying to watch but where we were he couldn't. There were people in front of us and they were standing up. If they sat down he possible could have seen but that wasn't the case. We all had a blast that night.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Discovery Green

On our way to the Texas Bass Classic we heard an add on the radio for an event at Discovery Green hosted by 93Q radio. On Wednesday Carrie Underwood was in town for a concert and Billy Currington is her opening act. 93Q was having an up close and personal event at the downtown park Discovery Green and they opened it up to anyone who wanted to come. Since it was a FREE acoustic set Jen and I jumped at the chance. We decided since the weather was nice we would also have a picnic and let Watty play in the dog park that was there after the set. We sat up at the stage and it was a good idea because as soon as Billy came out everyone stood up and came to the stage. I have noticed that every SRO I have been to if I am a few people back from the stage the artist finds me and looks at me...alot! I mentioned this to Jen and she told me I am easy to spot in a crowd and artists find a few people in a crowd to "sing to." I guess I am easy to spot since I raise my chair up :P Billy sang 5 songs and answered questions from Tim Tutle and Cactus Jack. After the performance we took Watty to the dog park but that didn't last long. There was a dog in there that was kind of aggressive so we decided not to let Watty play in there.

For some reason we girls giggle when we catch tongue pictures. Guess its just one of those goofy things to make us laugh.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Texas Bass Classic

This is my second time at the bass classic. This year it was in a different place and was more accessible for wheelchairs. The set up for the concert was ok. I would have liked to be more center of the stage instead of far left of the stage. Jen and I still had fun. As we were walking up to the gate there were a ton of Harleys lined up. We thought this bike was cool and loved the trailer on it. The two artists we went to see were Tracey Lawerance and Blake Shelton. They both put on a great show.
As soon as the guitarist from Tracey's band did a solo watch jumped up and stared at the big screen in front of us. He so wanted to watch the concert but the gates had a covering over them so he couldn't.