Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hockey night in Houston

On Saturday we were to have lunch and a play date for the puppies with Richard and his puppy in training Trotter. Richard had gotten the flu so we had to cancel. Since we didn't have anything else planned we worked with Watty and Ellie on a few things till it was time for the hockey game. Lisa hadn't been to a game in a long time and this was Ellie's first(and maybe only) game. She did wonderfully. She watched the whole game. It looked like she was at a tennis match how she watched the game. We even had a noisy group in front of us and she wasn't phased. Of course the grouped oohed and aah over her(and Watty). The mascot for our team is a dog named Chilly. The guy in it this year is a new guy and he is deathly afraid of dogs. I think its funny a dog afraid of a dog. Well he was behind me for a minute and since Watty is noise I had him facing behind me to see if that would settle him(Watty and hockey games will be a different post). Chilly was adjusting his paw and Watkins wanted to help. Chilly took off like his tail was on fire and ran. Everyone behind me plus Lisa and Olivia were cracking up. I of course was laughing too but it was a little of a delayed reaction. The handful of people behind me got their laugh in for the night. We did win in overtime against the Iowa Chops 2 to 1.
Whats hockey without a fight?

Watkins watching the crazy group in front of us

One of the crazy guys that were in front of us

Ellie watching the game

Ellie asking Watty if he saw that shot

Go Aeros Go!!

The score before overtime

Chilly and the Aero Dynamics

We had so much fun with Lisa and Ellie we didn't want them going home. Even Watkins protested Sunday morning by barking and whining his head off. He and I were still in my room with me tryong to get a few more Z's but Watty thought other wise. After we got up Watty ran through the house and backyard looking for Lisa and Ellie. It was so cute he even sniffed the place Lisa and Ellie sat at the kitchen table. After he realized they had left the above picture is what I found him doing all day Sunday. He was one tired pooch. I was tired too and I think after a week of sleeping in I am back to normal. Hopefully they make another trip down soon. We miss them both.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To the beach

After we went to the aquarium Lisa wanted to get a picture of Ellie on the beach. Since we were only a block or so away we granted that request. I stayed in the van with Watty because there was no way I could get on the beach off the seawall. The story I got from Olivia and Lisa was Ellie wanted to chase the waves out but the minute they came back she wanted to run. From all the pictures of those few minutes on the beach and Lisa's commentary I was cracking up. After the beach we headed to Kemah for dinner with a friend of mine and her daughter. Kemah is our boardwalk. It wasn't to busy but that is probably because it was quite chilly. They have a small train that runs throughout the boardwalk and as we were about to head to Joe's Crab Shack it was passing us. I was surprised at Watkins reaction. He was spooked by the horn of the train but he did recover quickly. The two pups did great during dinner. After dinner we even ran into a guide dog user. His dog was from Southwest Texas guide dogs.

Ellie checking the wave out...

and wanting to run away

Kemah Boardwalk sign

Sarah and Leslie

the terrifying train

Watkins and Ellie watching the train pass

in the very small elevator at Joe's Crab Shack

1st anniversary

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my sweet Shocker's death. I have missed her dearly and still do but Watkins has helped me get through the loss. Love ya girl

Monday, February 23, 2009

Moody Gardens

On Friday we took Lisa and Ellie to Moody Gardens. We were only able to see the Aquarium because Moody Gardens was hit by Hurricane Ike and the rain forest pyramid was still being worked on. We had a blast with the dogs training in there. I was surprised some of how each acted around one another and what they each at times were scared of. The seals and penguins seemed to be the ones that made both bark. Once they calmed if they had barked they did really well. Watkins did well with the seals only if he was far away from the glass and Ellie did well once she realized they couldn't get her. Watty HATED the penguins. There was one that followed him, so him and I didn't stay there that long. Ellie barked a few times but did real well. When we went into the tunnel both dogs were angels. Ellie saying hi to Bryan the ticket guy. He told us of another service dog that had came and barked at the seals too. He said Ellie reminded him of his lab, Marley, that he lost a while back.

shark teeth

Ellie and Watty watching the fish swim

While we were watching the fish swim I told Lisa I wonder what Ellie would do if they started feeding the fish while we were sitting here. No more than two minutes later a diver dove in and started feeding the fish. Ellie and Watty just sat there and watched like they see stuff like that every day.

Ellie in the fish tunnel watching the fish swim by.

Finding out how much electricity Ellie had in her body. She had the most.

Lisa checking her electricity.

Olivia checking her electricity.

Checking Watty's electricity.

Ellie checking out the coral.

Lisa and Ellie by one of the tanks

Sunday, February 22, 2009


After the dogs got some of their energy out we headed to Wal-mart so Watkins could help Ellie see that noises aren't as bad as she thought they were. We walked through the baby department, toy department and the pet department. Many kids were walking past both of the dogs and they both did great. We were in the pet department and a 3 to 4 year old came up behind Lisa and Ellie with neither of them knowing and Ellie did great. As the child was peting Ellie I wispered to Lisa to turn around and we made a big fuss how Ellie was such a good girl after the child left.Walking through the baby department

Ellie in the baby department

Elmo says I Love You and a big hug

Watty checking out a moving dino

Watty & Ellie checking out Wow Wow Wubbzy

Lisa and Ellie

The past few days my family, Watty and I have had the pleasure of hosting Lisa and Ellie. I meet Lisa after Shocker died about a year ago via an email and have became really good friends since. The one major thing we have in common is KSDS. Ellie is her puppy in training and they flew down from Kansas City. This was the first time Lisa had ever flown with a puppy in training and they both did fabulously. We had a full few days and they started as soon as Lisa and Ellie climbed in our van. Ellie was a great car rider. We first went home so Ellie could check her new digs out for the next few days and play with Watty in the back yard.

Lisa and Ellie

Tugging away at a rope

Ellie running with a chicken

Watty chasing Ellie

Watkins had time out quite a few times during playtimeChip venturing into the yard while Watty and Ellie play

Ellie and Watty tugging to their hearts content

Olivia playing tug with the "kids"

Ellie and Watty(Lisa has the picture that goes with this one)

Taking a break from playing

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Watkins and I are very excited about this up coming weekend. Lisa and Ellie are visiting for a few days. We are visiting with Richard who has Trotter from KSDS while she is down here too. Ellie even gets to go to her first hockey game. We are excited to be showing them around this weekend.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

7 Months ago

Thats right 7 months ago I received this bouncy, hyper "little" fella. We are beginning to become a well oiled machine. Still some problems but we are working to get where I want us to be. This past month has lead up to Watty being free in the house and it has helped a bunch. He is now more interested in picking stuff up for me. We also learned my cousin is engaged and I am so excited for her.

For my birthday last month I got tickets to see Legally Blonde the Musical. We went to see it yestedray and Watty did fantastic. Someone saw him and said "Hey he is Legally Blonde." We got a kick out of that. Someone also asked if he liked Bruser. He did really well. Before the play he did not want to lay down where we were sitting. Luckily we were in the very back and there was carpet so I backed up a little and he layed on the carpet. He did sneak a kiss to a young girl that was sitting in front of us. When the play started Watty was a little spooked but calmed down and did amazing. After the play mom and I went to the bathroom and had dad hold Watty's leash. When we came out the picture below is what we saw. Crazy boys.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby Steps

Yesterday my brother, Ian who Watkins thinks is his toy, stopped by. As soon as Ian came in of course Watty ran to him but Ian ignored him and did what he needed to do. I was shocked what happened next. Watty ran and grabbed his harness and ran to Ian. He then followed Ian around the house for a minute or so with it in his mouth. As soon as I saw what he grabbed I made a big deal that he got it and was saying good boy so hopefully. Then today he grabbed the remote for the TV like he likes to do and when I said take it to Olivia he went straight to her. She had a piece of candy in her hand at that time. Made a big deal about it though since he went to her and gave it to her. Later this after noon we had my comb and Olivia dropped it and I told Watty to get it and HE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course he did two laps of the couch and then got a drink before he picked it up again and handed it to Olivia. I am so excited. (imagine me jumping out of my chair)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Favorite Things

I saw this on Coreena's blog and thought I'd do it too:

I thought it might be fun to post some of your favorite things about your puppy and some of your puppy's favorite things.

My favorite things about Watkins:

Cuddle bug
Loves to kiss
LOVES kids
Easy to train

Watkins' Favorite things:

Squeaky toys
Saying "HI" to people
His puppy friends
Jumping on people(we are working on that)
Kennel time