Monday, February 23, 2009

Moody Gardens

On Friday we took Lisa and Ellie to Moody Gardens. We were only able to see the Aquarium because Moody Gardens was hit by Hurricane Ike and the rain forest pyramid was still being worked on. We had a blast with the dogs training in there. I was surprised some of how each acted around one another and what they each at times were scared of. The seals and penguins seemed to be the ones that made both bark. Once they calmed if they had barked they did really well. Watkins did well with the seals only if he was far away from the glass and Ellie did well once she realized they couldn't get her. Watty HATED the penguins. There was one that followed him, so him and I didn't stay there that long. Ellie barked a few times but did real well. When we went into the tunnel both dogs were angels. Ellie saying hi to Bryan the ticket guy. He told us of another service dog that had came and barked at the seals too. He said Ellie reminded him of his lab, Marley, that he lost a while back.

shark teeth

Ellie and Watty watching the fish swim

While we were watching the fish swim I told Lisa I wonder what Ellie would do if they started feeding the fish while we were sitting here. No more than two minutes later a diver dove in and started feeding the fish. Ellie and Watty just sat there and watched like they see stuff like that every day.

Ellie in the fish tunnel watching the fish swim by.

Finding out how much electricity Ellie had in her body. She had the most.

Lisa checking her electricity.

Olivia checking her electricity.

Checking Watty's electricity.

Ellie checking out the coral.

Lisa and Ellie by one of the tanks

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