Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby Steps

Yesterday my brother, Ian who Watkins thinks is his toy, stopped by. As soon as Ian came in of course Watty ran to him but Ian ignored him and did what he needed to do. I was shocked what happened next. Watty ran and grabbed his harness and ran to Ian. He then followed Ian around the house for a minute or so with it in his mouth. As soon as I saw what he grabbed I made a big deal that he got it and was saying good boy so hopefully. Then today he grabbed the remote for the TV like he likes to do and when I said take it to Olivia he went straight to her. She had a piece of candy in her hand at that time. Made a big deal about it though since he went to her and gave it to her. Later this after noon we had my comb and Olivia dropped it and I told Watty to get it and HE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course he did two laps of the couch and then got a drink before he picked it up again and handed it to Olivia. I am so excited. (imagine me jumping out of my chair)