Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My new art

Last Monday a friend of mine surprised me and took me to a tattoo shop. She had heard me talking about a certain tattoo I wanted to get and took me to get it. She has a tattoo and I love how it looks 3 years later. So bright and pretty. The guy that did her tattoo did mine and I am in love with it! It took 5 hours to get done.

This is the bass he copied from.

The meaning behind this tattoo:
1) Jay's bass(favorite Flatt)
2) lyrics are from my song STAND
3) 2 paw prints (1 for Shocker & 1 for Watty)
4) fleur de lis for the best fiddle player in the world Chank
5) Jay has buckeye stickers on his red bass so that's why I have those on mine.