Monday, December 31, 2012


Wow what a year! Stressful is all I can say. 2012 started okay then went down hill and is climbing back up. The highlights of this year were going to Tuscaloosa in a seconds notice to see James, a close friend, and his band, Judd Hall, play. It was a long, short trip but fun.

After this trip my relationship with my roommate/caregiver/friend went downhill fast. Within two months we weren't speaking to each other and I didn't feel comfortable left alone with her. It all started with me finding an apartment on my own because our lease was up and she wasn't looking. I also had decided that there was too much tension between us that I didn't want her being my roommate anymore either. I also decided to change hours caregivers were gonna work and she didn't like that because it gave her less hours. I understand that but in reality it would be better and economical on her part because of gas prices & her not living with me. She then started slacking as my caregiver so I then had to fire her, which was hard but had to be done, and she through a huge fit! Thank god my other caregiver was there because I was afraid she was gonna do something to me but she didn't.

Once I moved my stress level went way down. I know Watkins was feeling stressed out to because he started acting out of character for him. Even though we moved away from that situation he was still acting out of character.  He was attacked last October by the manager's dog, all the stress of my old roommate and going from only dog to living with 3 other dogs(that he knows really well) just was too much for him. He started not wanting to go places with me. when he did go with me he acted out. Twice he took a toy out of a child's hand and that's not service dog behavior. I had to finally decide he'd be better off  being retired. I had to figure out if I wanted to see if a family member would take care of him or if I wanted to give him back to his puppy raiser. I have always believed that the puppy raiser should be able to have the dog back the last years once they are retired. Watty's puppy raiser would keep me updated if I had decided that but my parents said they wanted him. I was all for it then my parents decided he was too much for their age and physical abilities (he is a strong dog!) so they said they had talked to my cousin and uncle and they wanted him to stay in the family. My cousin, Katie, who went with me to get Watty said she'd take him. Lisa and I took him in August to live with Katie and her family. He is so happy with them.
In March my baby brother got married! Ian is officially off the market. He married his girlfriend of 10 years...I think. I was in the wedding as well as my older brother Justin. Justin was the best man and they had me read something. It was actually a cute wedding. for the recessional the music was Star Wars music. The wedding "cake" had Princess Leia and Han Solo as bride & groom. I also found out Katie was soon to be engaged! She asked me to be her maid of honor! Of course I accepted and I feel honored that she asked me.

This upcoming year is going to be a busy one with helping Katie with her wedding, hosting a shower(or 2), co-host bachelorette party, being in her wedding, and also getting another service dog. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year and a great 2013!

Saturday, December 8, 2012


I have decided to raise money for an awesome cause. KSDS is where i receive my service dog from. They are a non profit organization that relies solely on donations. For 1 dog to be trained it costs $25,000. I know that would be a hard goal so I have decided I want to raise $1,000. If I raise more I know I will be indebted to whoever donates. I am also doing this in memory of my fist service dog that past away in 2008, Shocker, and my second service dog, Watkins, who had to be retired early in his career.


Thursday, December 6, 2012


I go to physical therapy to help keep me as loose as I can be with this stupid disease but have had pain in my shoulder for years. Recently it has become both shoulders not just one. I have been to 3 doctors and have had procedure after procedure trying to find out whats going on and been on many different medications trying to lower pain with little to no relief.

Today I am at physical therapy and the physical therapist hears me telling my physical therapy assistant (who does my pt) about my shoulders bugging me more and more comes over after she is done with her patient and takes over. My old physical therapist left about 2 months ago and she took over for her. She looked at my paperwork and then ask what was going on. After i told her about my shoulder issues she just jumped right in and worked my shoulder out. She explained what was going on and why. She also showed what needed to be done and explained what we were gonna work on and hopefully I'll be able to have a lot less pain and more movement. None of the other therapists I've had ever told me what, why and how we are gonna work on it to help ease my pain. I'm praying it works.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Missing him

It has been two moths since Watty went to live with my cousin, Katie. When we got up there he acted like that was were he belonged. I let Katie, Seth and Cayden take over discipline immediately. I helped teach Cayden some of the commands since he is only 9. Watty enjoyed Cayden's stuffed animals that were all over his room. He also enjoyed chasing Cayden around the house and backyard. I was surprised Watty didnt notice their pet turtle in the backyard.

Since Watty has been at Katie's she enrolled him in an obedience class so Cayden could learn how to train him. He also has gone to a water park with Katie and went missing for a few minutes. She did find him and it is so Watty; she found him taking french fries out of a kids hand by the concession stands. When she told me that I was like yep that's Watty. Watty also goes to Cayden's soccer practices and games. He also has met a new friend at the game named Bubbles.

I miss him but know he is in the right place and having fun.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saying Goodbye

I can't believe it is almost time for me to say goodbye to my baby boy. Next weekend I am scheduled to take him to his forever home. He will be living with my cousin and her family in Dallas. I am glad he is living with family but sad at the same time because he is four hours away. This upcoming year I will probably be seeing him a lot anyway because I am helping my cousin with her wedding. When I got Watty something told me I wouldn't have him long and I guess my gut was right. I have many fun memories with Watty that I will cherish forever. I want to thank Sandy and Bob for raising a great boy. I will be getting a successor dog in the spring.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hard Decision

Had to make the hard decision of retiring Watty. I am heartbroken on that decision but the way he has been behaving lately it is best he become a pet. I have been struggling with this decision since he was attacked last October. I tried my hardest to get him back to his old self but after this past week of major struggles I think its for the best. My parents are going to take him and I will get a successor. I always thought retiring a dog would be easier than loosing a dog to death. I can say it hurts the same if not a little more.

Monday, May 14, 2012


After having a fall out with my roommate and our lease at our apartment being up I moved out. I am now living with another friend in another apartment. Our apartment is closer to my parents which is a good thing because gas is so expensive. My friend and our dogs are so much more relaxed at this apartment than our old one. I know its only been 3 days but we love it here. Its so quiet. We hear NO sirens, gun shots, or super loud music.