Saturday, September 25, 2010


I miss my dad. He has been in the hospital 2 weeks this Monday. I thank God that he went to the hospital when he did. The past few months he hadn't felt well and had a pacemaker put in because his heart rate was very low. After that he was suppose to get better but he kept feeling bad. When he went in for his month check up they did blood work and found he had an infection even though he had no outer signs of an infection. Two weeks ago it got to the point dad was shaking like he was having a seizure but he was just really cold. Come to find out he had an infection around his heart where they did valve replacement 2 years ago. When they went in the valve was basically just sitting there barely attached. They replaced the valve and took out the pace maker because they didn't wanna chance that getting infected too. Yesterday they put a new pace maker in and will hopefully be coming home Monday! He has had a few minor set backs along the way but is doing much better. Yes I am a daddies girl and I cant wait to have him back home.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Road Trip

On 9/11 Jen and I headed up to Ft Worth to see Kellie Pickler at Billy Bob's and then visit with my cousin Shannon. When we got to Ft Worth the hotel we had made reservations at didn't have a room for us. At 5:30 in the evening we had to hunt for a hotel in our budget. We were hoping to find one before we had to be at Billy Bob's. At 8pm we still had not found a hotel. We decided we would search for a hotel after the show because we needed to get to the venue. They did not let us go to our seats till about 9 and we found out where are seats were. We had awesome seats! During the show Watty stayed under the table we were at until about the last few songs when we let him lay at the end of the table. Of course he didn't lay down because he loves to watch the concerts we go to. I think Kellie is Watty's new crush. He followed her everywhere she went on stage. He even "danced" to her song Red High Heels. After the concert we headed to look for a hotel. We headed in the direction of Shannon's house and luckily found a hotel at 2:30 in the morning. The next morning we headed to Shannon's and we spent a few hours there. Watty even got to play with Luke who is Shannon's black lab.

Kellie's sparkly shoes

Watty watching Kellie sing

Friday, September 10, 2010

Drinking Beer & Wastin' Bullets

Luke Bryan came to Houston in July; Jen and I decided we would go and see this cutie. We love his music. We decided to go early because we didn't know how they did these concerts at the race track. We watch the horses races that started at 4 pm. After watching a race or two we decided to ask someone about how they were going to get me to where the stage was. The customer service manager came and talked to us and told us what to do. Around 7:30 we headed to the gate to line up to get to the stage. A security guy came and said they would let me go first and give me time to get settled before the crowd was let in. As we were waiting we were talking to the girls in line around us. I noticed a guy in an orange shirt walk by us and all of a sudden one of the girls stated that Luke just walked by us. At that moment Jen turned around as he was climbing the fence and looked back at us. All of us were like OMG! Then the security guy came and got us and we headed to the stage. We ended up about center stage and about 6 ft from the stage! This concert was a standing room only show and I didn't know how Watty was going to react. Luckily we had a handful of great people around us that we chatted with before the concert and during the concert they helped watch out for Watty. There was one guy that loved Watty and protected Watty and I with his life. He was so sweet.

Luke embarrassed he sang Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

shining his head

At the end of the show Luke jumped off the stage and shook hands and signed autographs to the people around us. After Luke past us a security guard asked if he said hi to me and he didn't. The security guard brought him back and I got to meet Luke. He asked if I had got a guitar pick, when I said no he sent one of the crew back to get me one. Luke handed me a pick. Once Luke headed back and we were about to leave his drummer jumped off the stage with a handful of drumsticks. He handed me a drumstick he had used that night. It is all beat up. That was a night I will never forget so much fun!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Exciting July 4th

Midnight of July 4th I woke up in extreme pain. It was almost like the pain I had in April which we think was gas. I got up and sat in my chair for about an hour and a half. Put a heating pad on my stomach and that helped a little. By 8 am I was in excruciating pain so mom and dad took me to the ER. They ran blood work and I had to have an ultrasound done of my abdomen. I had gall stones and had elevated liver count so they wanted to admit me so they could help me with pain and the doctors could figure out what needed to happen. Long story short by Wednesday I was having to take morphine for pain so they decided to do surgery. I am always afraid to be put to sleep but this time I was even more freaked out. When they went to intubate me they couldn't. The anesthesiologist kept trying but kept hitting the back of my throat that it made it bleed and she couldn't see anymore so she called off my surgery. I woke up in the OR with them sucking blood out of my mouth and back of my throat. I was in pain! They took me to ICU for the night. The next day I still didn't feel good at all and dad asked me if I had gone to the bathroom lately and I said no(i know tmi). Turns out I was FOS! Dr Dad to the rescue!! I am now watching my fat intake and on a medicine to try and dissolve the stones to push off surgery. I do not want surgery any time if possible.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Around Town

Around CMA Fest they had different race cars. This one was parked in front of Hard Rock and had different artists painted all over it.

This guitar was in a case at Dolly Parton's boutique. I loved that little store so cute. Watty loved it because it had big fans we would go sit by so both of us could cool down if I thought we were getting to hot and we were close to the store.

These guitars were all over Nashville. I love them so cute. Each guitar had a different design.

Spotted this in a shopping center and thought it was cute. Seemed like they were only in this shopping center.

Had to get my race car dog by a REAL race car. This is Dale Earnhardt Jr. car! Thought it was cool to do that. I am getting in to NASCAR a little because of Watty and a friend of mine.

Watty and I with the Ryman behind us.

Watty trying out a treat at the Waggin' Train booth. He loves these treats and was GREAT advertisement for them.

We found this restaurant and had to take a picture of it because our favorite Flatt is Jay and were teasing we found his restaurant.

Pam, a friend from the Flatts fan club, we had been wanting to meet for months and we finally did at CMA Fest. LOVE her and she LOVES Watty!

One tired pup after a crazy week! He pretty much slept the whole way home. That took 2 days. He was tired.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Now Its Party Time

Thursday-Sunday they had concerts that had 4 acts each night. The first night we did not get out of the stadium till 2:30 AM! The first two nights Melissa Peterman of Singing Bee and Reba was the hostess and the last two nights Evan Farmer of CMT was the host. Each night there was a special guest that sang the national anthem and also a fly over. At midnight every night they shot fireworks over the stadium. We covered Watty's ears for those. That is one thing he does not like....fireworks! Thankfully we met a new friend who had been to the festival the past year and warned us about the fireworks.
Evan Farmer

Mark Wills singing national anthem

Fly over

Miranda Lambert


Zac Brown Band

Watty during the concerts. He was either watching or sleeping. We put glow bracelets on him so people see him and wont step on him. It works perfect!

Martina McBride

Rascal Flatts

Justin Moore

Kellie Pickler

Blake Shelton

Blake and Miranda singing Blake's song Home...they are engaged!

Blake and Trace Adkins singing their duet Hillbilly Bone

Trace Adkins

Beach balls were thrown in to the audience every night at a certain point. They came from the section behind us so of course we got hit a few times. Watty wasn't to keen on the idea of getting bopped on the head by a beach ball. After night 1 we watched out for the balls to make sure Watty didn't panic.

Brad Paisley was the closer of the festival. He did an awesome job. His last song of the night was his song called Alcohol. Half way through the song Darius Rucker, Justin Moore, and Chuck Wicks come out and finish the song with him. It was fun seeing them all goof off on stage.