Friday, September 10, 2010

Drinking Beer & Wastin' Bullets

Luke Bryan came to Houston in July; Jen and I decided we would go and see this cutie. We love his music. We decided to go early because we didn't know how they did these concerts at the race track. We watch the horses races that started at 4 pm. After watching a race or two we decided to ask someone about how they were going to get me to where the stage was. The customer service manager came and talked to us and told us what to do. Around 7:30 we headed to the gate to line up to get to the stage. A security guy came and said they would let me go first and give me time to get settled before the crowd was let in. As we were waiting we were talking to the girls in line around us. I noticed a guy in an orange shirt walk by us and all of a sudden one of the girls stated that Luke just walked by us. At that moment Jen turned around as he was climbing the fence and looked back at us. All of us were like OMG! Then the security guy came and got us and we headed to the stage. We ended up about center stage and about 6 ft from the stage! This concert was a standing room only show and I didn't know how Watty was going to react. Luckily we had a handful of great people around us that we chatted with before the concert and during the concert they helped watch out for Watty. There was one guy that loved Watty and protected Watty and I with his life. He was so sweet.

Luke embarrassed he sang Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

shining his head

At the end of the show Luke jumped off the stage and shook hands and signed autographs to the people around us. After Luke past us a security guard asked if he said hi to me and he didn't. The security guard brought him back and I got to meet Luke. He asked if I had got a guitar pick, when I said no he sent one of the crew back to get me one. Luke handed me a pick. Once Luke headed back and we were about to leave his drummer jumped off the stage with a handful of drumsticks. He handed me a drumstick he had used that night. It is all beat up. That was a night I will never forget so much fun!!!

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