Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So Amazing

The other day I was going through Watty's pictures and stopped at this picture. I started to cry because I had taken one of Shocker just like it. Yes she is sleeping in the opposite direction but they both are curled up. I did not pose Watty like that. I had just realized that they are the same picture except different dogs. I LOVE MY BABIES!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

13 Months

WOW! Another month has past with my boy. Nothing spectacular happened except a trip to Dallas to see Katie. I have learned that Watty will take a while to get use to living in an apartment if we ever move out. He did not do to good while in Katie's apartment but when we were out and about he did fine. This upcoming month will be pretty boring because we have nothing planed except I have another concert to go to on September 11.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Video I made

I was bored today and made this video of the pictures we took at my cousin's wedding. I heard the perfect song for it this morning. The song is Only You Can Love Me This Way by Keith Urban. I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Honest Scrap Award!

Thank you LISA for the Honest Scrap Award! Watty is excited to share 10 things about him.
1. has been to a Rascal Flatts concert(during rodeo)
2. loves to swim
3. loves to give kiss
4. is a theif
5. has flown on a plane
6. hates loud noises
7. is VERY photogenic
8. has been to a hockey game
9. knows a few jokes to make people laugh
10. Life is a Highway is his theme song!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Headed Home

Our fun with Katie was over and Watty was worn out. Olivia flew in to drive me and Watty back home. We first stopped at the dog boutique Katie works at and looked around and got a few things for Watty and Olivia's kittens.
Katie loves to dress dogs in shirts and this is the shirt she wanted me to get Watty. I did not get the shirt. Olivia found a blue bow and had to put that on Watty too. Poor dog, what he has to put up with. He is such a good sport about it.

Dallas World Aquarium

On Saturday my Aunt and Uncle joined Megan, Katie and I at the Dallas World Aquarium. When we got there we thought all we were going to see were fish and aquatic life since it was called an aquarium. Boy were we wrong. They had all sorts of animals: monkeys, gators, otters, birds, turtles, snakes, bats and of course aquatic animals. I had taken Watty thinking it was just going to be fish, like my Uncle put it. Some of the birds were free flight birds and some were in enclosures. The monkeys were in enclosures also and they were actually interested in Watty. Of course Watty was interested in them too.

DWA has manatees and that was a sight for me. I loved watching them. So big but graceful. Watty watched them too and I think he wanted to join them because I had to calm him a few times. He did well just laying watching them. He did a lot better with the penguins compared to when we went to Moody Gardens with Lisa and Michelle.

Watty tried to get the leopard to play with him. All the leopard did was lay there. It was actually pretty funny. At that time I could hear Michelle telling people I take Watty places to entertain him. :P Love ya Michelle.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fun Firsts

Before I left for Katie's mom asked me about going to a club. I was confused because Katie and I hadn't planed on going to one. When I got to Katie's and asked her I found out dad told her dad that I said that Katie said we were going to a club. We weren't going to go but last second Katie changed her mind. I wanted to go to a country night club and my other cousin, Hardy, knew the club to go to. We looked up the club on the net and I saw Trailer Choir was going to be there that night. When I saw that I busted out laughing and was so excited.

Before we headed to the club Katie and I met her friend Shannon for dinner. Dinner was just the start of the awesome night I had. At the restaurant they have the best apple pie. Katie was wafting the smell to me and the waitress asked us to waft the smell to the table next to us. Shannon took off the top half of ice cream as she was wafting the smell and the ice cream landed in the guys mouth. We all busted out laughing. We had a blast.

We met my cousin's Hardy and Leslie back at Katie's apartment and headed to Red River. When we got there Tailor Choir was already playing. After their set they did a meet and greet by where they were selling shirts and hats. I got to meet Chrystal, Butter, and Big Vinny. A neat group of people.

Katie, Shannon, and I got a drink and chatted. We then decided it was time to dance. We did that for a while and all of a sudden Shannon disappeared. When I found her Katie was telling me don't worry and Shannon was at the bar. Shannon brought us each a shot of tequila. My first shot and it was NASTY!

After Trailer Choir performed the DJ played some music for a while. Katie, Shannon and I got down and had fun. Shannon was even dragged out on the dance floor by some random guy. After he made her dizzy she came back to us... I think she had fun. A little bit later another performer came out. I had heard his name before but didn't remember where. Had to come home and look him up. He's a cutie and an awesome artist. His name is Jamey Garner and I found out he was on Nashville Star.
At the end of Jamey's set we headed home. I wanted to stay longer but Leslie had to work in the morning. We also had to relieve Megan from puppy-sitting duties. Megan puppy-sat Watty for me so he didn't have to be kenneled. The report I got was all he did was sleep. My favorite quote from that night was from Katie...."I've created a monster!"

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fort Worth Zoo

I went and visited Katie the week of her birthday and had a blast. We went out to eat at the Magic time Machine for her birthday and had an awesome and very cute waiter. We had pirate Sinbad. Of course when we told him about our poopy(Watty) he ran off and got Jack Sparrow. We had a blast with our waiter. If you go to the Magic Time Machine ask for him!

Thursday Katie, Megan and I went to the Fort Worth Zoo. It was a great day since it was cool and rainy. All the animals were out and moving around so we got some good shots. I loved that zoo it is so much nicer than the zoo here in Houston. Huge areas for the animals and different animals too.
We went through the reptile house and Megan was not a happy camper as you can tell. We kept teasing her and she wanted out. Love ya Megan.

While we were there it rained for a while. We tried to stay in parts of the zoo that had cover but after a while we said forget it and walked around in the rain. It wasn't that heavy of a rain but when a down pour started we found shelter. We finally decided to get ponchos for Katie and I, Megan didn't want one since she was soaked already, and then the rain stopped.

This gorilla had his back to the glass and when I drove up he turned his head. It was as if he was trying to figure me out. I thought it was so funny.

I had to go see the Elephants so I could see Ellie. I miss her and Lisa so had to get to an Elliephant. As we walked up all of the elephants came out and headed straight to us. One even played with balls which was cool.

This rhino was playing in the mud and splashing some kids with his tail. They were under the walkway we were. I call this the belly rub shot.