Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nothing Like This

The last concert of the tour was a blast! Thanks to the girls I went with, the tweet Alicia tweeted to Jay, and this sign! On one side it says I love Chris(Chris Young) and on the other it says I love bass players! Chris and Jay loved the sign but this night thanks to Alicia's tweet we teased Jay all night. We showed him the side for him and then flipped it around to show the I love Chris side. When he saw that sign the face he made was priceless. We "talked" throughout the show. It was a blast! Towards the end of the show Gary grabbed my sign and added his name under players in his handwriting! All the girls thought he had signed it when I let them look at it they noticed it wasn't signed. While Gary was signing it Jay grabbed it out of his hands and showed the ENTIRE venue my sign!! To bad no one got a picture of that :(

When it was time for Bless The Broken Road the guys called Jacee Badeaux on stage to sing. Jacee was a contestant on American Idol this year and all i can say is he will probably be getting a record deal at some point if he keeps singing.

Guys bowing at the end of the show...L-R Jay Demarcus, Luke Bryan, Gary Levox, Joe Don Rooney