Saturday, October 25, 2008

Escape Artist

Watkins is a GREAT escape artist. This morning I was getting up in my chair and about to get Watkins from his tie down in my bedroom and here he comes walking into the living room. My attendant, mom and I are all flabbergasted how he came off his tie down. This is the third or fourth time he has somehow came undone from his leash.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A bad day

While we were out today Watkins decided to run out of the van. He was on the backseat and I had him on a down stay while we were to unhook me from the van. As soon as my attendant unfolded the lift Watkins jumped off the backseat onto the lift and then took off down the shopping center sidewalk. I was still hooked up so my attendant jumped out and called him as I was calling him from the car. He then turned around and ran towards the end of the shopping center where there was a big field and a wooded area. Luckily(if I can say that) at the end of the shopping center a nail salon had their door open and he ran in there. After we got him back we went to Dollar Tree and he decides to bark. UGH!!!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

3 Month Anniversary

October 14 was Watkins and my team anniversary. Within these three months there has been many ups and downs. He has finally started to calm down within the past few weeks. He did really well for his first hockey game. At doctors appointments he is really well behaved. I love him dearly and he is a well behaved dog when he is out. We have a lot of work to do but I know with in the next 3-6 months he will be getting better and better. We need to work on different distractions, house manners, retrieving, and getting more play time in than he has right now. He does LOVE getting the remote and his food bowl. He has also figured out how to make a toy squeak and another on shake. He tried to figure out how to open a hazarded can at the doctors and we stopped that immediately. No one can tell me he is a dumb dog.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Watkins first hockey game

Watkins went to his first hockey game on Saturday. He must have been the Aeros good luck charm because they won the home opener and even did some weird shot that made a goal that had to have been pure luck on the players part. Watkins did really good considering everything that went on.

The night started with me running his paw over. He is okay but mom freaked out for him. Once in and headed to our seats he tried to stick his head in one of those boxes that the guys sell during the game out of. We finally got to our seats and the team was warming up on the ice before the game and people were taking their seats. Watkins was so intrigued with everything. Once he laid down it looked like he was actually watching the game. I got a huge kick out of that. We took a blanket for him to lay on but he didn't like it. In the middle of the game he had to"hurry up" so we missed a little of the game. After that he wasn't comfortable and was not wanting to lay down. Mom tried to help position him but he was stressing so I moved away from Mom to calm him down and de-stress. after we moved away he calmed down and we saw the rest of the game. When we were walking out he saw a shadow on the side of the building across the street and barked.

I say he did pretty good considering it was his first hockey game. The Aeros won 2-1 in overtime. Hopefully next time he will be more relaxed.

Where's Watkins?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Crazy Doggie

Watkins is such a crazy dog. I decided to keep him here today while I went to a doctors appointment today and when I got home he was CRAZY. He was jumping every where and not wanting to listen. I am probably going to need to talk to Michelle about this. I also need to be more strict with him and do like we did at KSDS. It is hard to do that a little because I don't have the room like I did up there. I guess that is me making excuses so I need to just jump on what is happening and start better. I am going to see if I can maybe add hours also to my attendants so I have more time to work with Watkins.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome Marshall Grant

My attendant had her son Marshall the Thursday before Ike hit Houston. He was born at 3:15pm and weight 7lbs 14oz. He is my adopted nephew and so is his brother Matthew. I love all three(Desi, Matthew and Marshall) to death.

Marshall 2 weeks old
Matthew and Marshall