Saturday, October 25, 2008

Escape Artist

Watkins is a GREAT escape artist. This morning I was getting up in my chair and about to get Watkins from his tie down in my bedroom and here he comes walking into the living room. My attendant, mom and I are all flabbergasted how he came off his tie down. This is the third or fourth time he has somehow came undone from his leash.


SARAH said...

oh my! he must be talented :) I've had that happen a few times when my dogs were in tie downs. They lie down in a certain way that pushes down theclasp i guess. hopefully he didn't get into anything he wasn't supposed too :)

Anna and Lawrence said...

:D I've never had a dog get off tie down before, but my first puppy was also a genious, and somehow figured out how to get out of his wire crate.

....the things these dogs can do ;)