Thursday, October 23, 2008

A bad day

While we were out today Watkins decided to run out of the van. He was on the backseat and I had him on a down stay while we were to unhook me from the van. As soon as my attendant unfolded the lift Watkins jumped off the backseat onto the lift and then took off down the shopping center sidewalk. I was still hooked up so my attendant jumped out and called him as I was calling him from the car. He then turned around and ran towards the end of the shopping center where there was a big field and a wooded area. Luckily(if I can say that) at the end of the shopping center a nail salon had their door open and he ran in there. After we got him back we went to Dollar Tree and he decides to bark. UGH!!!!!!

1 comment:

SARAH said...

they all have their days don't they? glad he's alright though and you got him back safely