Saturday, April 20, 2013

So Excited!

After everything that has happened in our apartment complex this year Lisa & I decided to find a rent house. We had been talking about it off and on so a) we'd have more room, b) the dogs would have more room & a backyard to run in and c) hopefully less problems. Since our break in 2-3 weeks ago Lisa hasn't slept well and we don't feel safe at all so we have been searching hard to find a house. Monday I suggested looking in Rosenberg which is about 45 minutes to a hour away from where we are now. Lisa asked if I was okay with that; I of course said yes because it will get you closer to your girls and I want to move out of Houston. Tuesday we headed to Rosenberg to search for rent houses. That day we only found two. Lisa called on both, one didn't sound like he liked the idea of pets and the other one met her at the house to let her see it. The house is perfect for us. Yes, there are a few minor things we need to do to it but the landlord is perfectly fine with us doing what we need to do. With all that said yesterday we sent in our deposit and can do what we need to do before moving in(build a ramp for me to get in and put fence up). Once fence is up we will have a nice size backyard. We are planning on moving in around the first of June. We can't wait!