Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Trotter chewing gum

Richard & Trotter



Watkins giving me the pillow in the car over my shoulder

Today Watkins, Desirae, and I met Richard and Trotter at Gringo's for lunch. It was the first time we went out to eat with another dog since we have been home from KSDS. Trotter slid under the bench while we were waiting to be seated and found the gum that was under the bench. Luckily we caught it before he swallowed some. They both did well. Trotter is 7 months old and did well. He does need to calm down a little but he did well.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Can I move out please?

Ever since I got home it has seemed like mom has a grudge against me bringing home Watkins. First off she was with me when I got Shocker so she knows what goes in to having a service dog and the help I need with them. Second she knew I was getting another one. Of course she tells everyone else that she doesn't want me to get another one except ME. If I knew this I would gladly talk to her about it and see if a solution could come out of it. So now she is throwing it in my face that other people have to help me take him out, help me get his food, help me brush him, help me put his halti, harness, and leash on and whatever else I need help doing with him. Well I am sorry mom I am such a burden on you that you have to take care of your own daughter and help her out just a little more so she can try and be as independent as possible. Yes I know you are almost 65 and I am trying my hardest to find attendants so you don't have to take care of me anymore and I am out of your hair. If there was a way I'd love to have a live in attendant so THEY could take care of me and YOU wouldn't have to be bothered but I know we don't have the money so I am gonna have to have you help me out at times. I do love you but you make me feel like I am a burden to you and the family/society at times.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Playdate (by: Watkins)

Karen talked to Courtney about me playing with her puppy named Trooper yesterday. They decided we would be a perfect play buddies. I can't wait I get to meet him on Friday. Friday here I come. They also decided the days we are gonna play. I get to see him 3 times a week and Courtney even said she would drop him off for the day if Karen wanted. I hope she agrees at some point. I want the grass outside to dry so mom can see that I play nice and let the puppy, Trotter, Karen keeps talking about come over to play. Karen even found a neighbor down the street has 2 lab puppies. She asked can I play but he didn't answer so I guess we will see. I better let Karen have her computer back. Until next blog.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

1 month anniversary

Today is our 1 month anniversary since we have been together. We have had a lot of ups and downs and I know we will have a lot more. I think the toughest weeks were the first two weeks once we got home. I was still grieving over Shocker and did not realize it till just this past weekend. Now that I have realized that I feel a lot better and am handling his behavior much better and not wanting to give up. Watkins is great out in public except wanting to say hi to everyone and the jumping which we as a team are working on. I am also working on getting him play dates so he can release stress and have fun. He seems to still be stressed but I am trying different things to relieve it. I have had many emails and calls to Michelle this month. She has helped a bunch. My parents aren't use to the new training so they are getting use to the new rules and ways of KSDS. Off to our next adventure next month.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Epiphany

I had an epiphany the other day. The reason I was breaking down with Watkins everyday was because I have not gotten over loosing Shocker. I seem to have been looking at things differently since and I realized that is probably why I have been breaking down and not feeling we were getting along and working together. Yes he is stubborn but so am I. Today I am vowing to Watkins that I am going to love him as much as Shocker and we are a team. We will get through anything together. I miss Shocker and she will stay in my heart and she took care of me for 10 years but now its Watkins turn to take that place.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Our first major outing

We went to Petsmart, Ponchos, and Wally World. Petsmart I knew was gonna be a challenge. It was at times but Watkins did pretty well. He is going to doggie daycare on Monday to play with some friends. We then went to Ponchos for lunch. He did pretty good in the buffet line and he did REALLY well while we ate. I even got compliments from someone siting across from us. Then it gets scarier. There is a Wally World that I had been to twice with Shocker. Both times they stopped me and said I couldn't bring my dog in. Well I wanted to see if I would get stopped with Watkins so we went to that store. Surprisingly I didn't but Watkins decided to act up. He jumped on a kid while we were passing by and then later jumped on a youg lady passing by. I was pissed. So today hasn't been a good day. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a better one.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Meeting Matthew

Today Watkins met Desirae's son Matthew. Watkins LOVES kids. Matthew will be 2 in October so I was a little worried Watkins might knock him over. Matthew loves dogs so it was hard keeping him away. When he did get close enough Watkins laid a big wet kiss on him. Matthew's face was priceless. Matthew then decided Watkins needed a magnet. He handed Watkins the magnet and all I saw was Matthew's hand in Watkins mouth. He didn't bite him but I was so afraid he was when Watkins went to get the magnet. All is well Matthew and Watkins came out unscathed. We will work on manners again tomorrow around kids.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

First thunderstorm and tropical depression

We experience our first thunderstorm together today. Dad saw that a storm was coming so we decided to bathroom the dogs before it rained. By the time I walked Watkins the storm was fairly close. We were down the street a little when a bolt of lightening struck off in the distance with a loud crack. Watkins jumped a mile high. It scared me a little too but it was the bolt of lightning I saw that freaked me out. We made it in and I went to give him some water and another loud crack of thunder and he jumped again but not as bad as out side. Tuesday Tropical storm Edouard is suppose to arrive. Watkins sure is getting acclimated to our weather fast. Poor guy.

Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm Home

Actually i have been home for almost a week. I have just had to adjust to everything and catch up on sleep. Watkins is settling in nicely and so am I with him. The hardest part is not comparing and trying to remember the problems I had with Shocker when I first got home. Compared to Tuesday of this week Watkins is doing better. I think it has been tougher on me because I have fears and they are over riding me at times. The two weeks at KSDS were an adventure to say the least. I meet some wonderful people and saw some good friends while there. I will cherish the friends I made because they have become family to Watkins and I, also to Katie who gave two weeks of her life to be with her crybaby cousin;). I guess y'all want pictures now huh?Meeting Watkins
Feeding Watkins

Headed to the park
Waiting to take our ADI test at Wal-Mart in Marysville, Ks.
Watkins and I at wal-mart
Practicing going on/off elevators
Service graduate class
Sandy, Watkins puppy raiser, about to introduce us as a team
Michelle so proud of us
Alex, his mom Kristin, and Raisin Cain(RC)
Heather and Sopapilla(Sophie)
Heather, Sophie, me, and Watkins at our home (duplex)Bill and Runza
Jason and Indy(Watkins brother)
Megan and Olive Garden(Ollie(Runza's sister))
Guide class in Topeka, Ks.