Friday, August 8, 2008

Our first major outing

We went to Petsmart, Ponchos, and Wally World. Petsmart I knew was gonna be a challenge. It was at times but Watkins did pretty well. He is going to doggie daycare on Monday to play with some friends. We then went to Ponchos for lunch. He did pretty good in the buffet line and he did REALLY well while we ate. I even got compliments from someone siting across from us. Then it gets scarier. There is a Wally World that I had been to twice with Shocker. Both times they stopped me and said I couldn't bring my dog in. Well I wanted to see if I would get stopped with Watkins so we went to that store. Surprisingly I didn't but Watkins decided to act up. He jumped on a kid while we were passing by and then later jumped on a youg lady passing by. I was pissed. So today hasn't been a good day. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a better one.

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