Saturday, August 23, 2008

Can I move out please?

Ever since I got home it has seemed like mom has a grudge against me bringing home Watkins. First off she was with me when I got Shocker so she knows what goes in to having a service dog and the help I need with them. Second she knew I was getting another one. Of course she tells everyone else that she doesn't want me to get another one except ME. If I knew this I would gladly talk to her about it and see if a solution could come out of it. So now she is throwing it in my face that other people have to help me take him out, help me get his food, help me brush him, help me put his halti, harness, and leash on and whatever else I need help doing with him. Well I am sorry mom I am such a burden on you that you have to take care of your own daughter and help her out just a little more so she can try and be as independent as possible. Yes I know you are almost 65 and I am trying my hardest to find attendants so you don't have to take care of me anymore and I am out of your hair. If there was a way I'd love to have a live in attendant so THEY could take care of me and YOU wouldn't have to be bothered but I know we don't have the money so I am gonna have to have you help me out at times. I do love you but you make me feel like I am a burden to you and the family/society at times.

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Anonymous said...

Have you talked to her about this? She never mentioned it to me.