Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm Home

Actually i have been home for almost a week. I have just had to adjust to everything and catch up on sleep. Watkins is settling in nicely and so am I with him. The hardest part is not comparing and trying to remember the problems I had with Shocker when I first got home. Compared to Tuesday of this week Watkins is doing better. I think it has been tougher on me because I have fears and they are over riding me at times. The two weeks at KSDS were an adventure to say the least. I meet some wonderful people and saw some good friends while there. I will cherish the friends I made because they have become family to Watkins and I, also to Katie who gave two weeks of her life to be with her crybaby cousin;). I guess y'all want pictures now huh?Meeting Watkins
Feeding Watkins

Headed to the park
Waiting to take our ADI test at Wal-Mart in Marysville, Ks.
Watkins and I at wal-mart
Practicing going on/off elevators
Service graduate class
Sandy, Watkins puppy raiser, about to introduce us as a team
Michelle so proud of us
Alex, his mom Kristin, and Raisin Cain(RC)
Heather and Sopapilla(Sophie)
Heather, Sophie, me, and Watkins at our home (duplex)Bill and Runza
Jason and Indy(Watkins brother)
Megan and Olive Garden(Ollie(Runza's sister))
Guide class in Topeka, Ks.

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Lisa & Runza said...

Great pictures Karen. Looks like your time at KSDS was spent in a lot of training - but that you also had a lot of fun! :)