Saturday, July 19, 2008

The many adventures of Watkins and Karen

Sorry it has been so long to post. Many things have happened since I got Watkins. As you can tell my dogs name is Watkins from the race car litter. The first day I had him everything went well. Tuesday we headed to the park and Watkins had to got to the bathroom. I had him do in obedience to go to the bathroom and he didn't have enough leash, so I decided to roll into the grass from the sidewalk and my chair fell forward. Luckily Katie was right behind me and was able to help hold me back while Michelle (the trainer) rolled me back. My left and right big toe was killing me. I decided since I was in so much pain I need to go to the hospital for xrays. After they took xrays the nurse said it looked like a fracture on my right foot above the big toe. When the xrays were taken it was too late for them to get checked, so I will find out for sure what my xrays say on Monday. Right now both feet are wrapped in ace bandages and the pain has gone down some. Wednesday, I was bathrooming Watkins with a bungee leash and since he is a puller he popped my seat belt off! Then decided to take a little walk down the street. I remembered Michelle saying not to freak out and to call him with a happy voice. I was surprised when he returned to me. Today, we worked on kid distractions because he LOVES children! We did some what well but we will need more work on that. If you want to see me get the dog and other training there is video on (key words Alex's friend Karen) I have seen many personalities of Shocker in Watkins and I am in love with him already!


Mosier 'n Me said...

I'm glad you're ok! :) Have fun with your lil pup!

Anna and Lawrence said...

Congratulations on the new boy! I'm sure you'll be very happy together despite your adventurous start. :D