Monday, September 28, 2009

Family Reunion

Last Thursday family started arriving for a Derx family reunion. Everyone came down to Houston for a short weekend. We tried to plan stuff but never really did. My aunt and uncle from New York came down Thursday afternoon and the Dallas clan arrived Thursday evening. We had dinner at our house. Mom got salad stuff so we all made our own salads. Friday we headed down to Kemah to the boardwalk for dinner. We ate at Landry's restaurant and then walked around the boardwalk a little. Saturday we really didn't have anything planned except the boys were going to go through some of my grandmother's stuff. Since they were doing that Katie, Megan, Watty, and I ran to the mall to hang out away from the ciaos that was probably going to happen. That evening we brought in fajitas and they were yummy as always.
After we ate Ian, Jessica, Megan, Katie, Watty, and I went to see Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs in 3D. Pretty cute movie. Sunday we had breakfast together and then chatted for a few hours since everyone had to head back home.

The Derx Clan
l-r(back) Mary, Tad, Hardy, Leslie, Hallam, Dad, Justin, Ian (front) Me, Katie, Megan, Mom, Marie, Jessica, and Watty

Cousins l-r(back) Hardy, Ian, Justin (front) Megan, Me and Katie

Katie and Me

Watty wanted in Megan and my picture.

Megan and I after Watty got off me

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Order Entry Clerk

I have one day of training left and I start work next Monday. I am excited but nervous. People call me and I take their orders. That isn't the scary part but for some reason when the phone rings my brain shuts down and I almost forget what to say. Every call has to be perfect and I guess that is what is scaring me and making me nervous. I can say the script off the top of my head but as soon as I hear the beep in my head set to tell me someone is calling I freak. I know it will get better as I start and keep getting calls. Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

American Saturday Night Tour(long)

Friday my friend Dani and I went to see Jimmy Wayne, Dierks Bentley, and Brad Paisley.As we were headed in we walked right past this bus. We have no clue whose bus this is. Dani and I joked about it being Jimmy's since it didn't have a name on it. I then thought it could be Dierks' or Brad's because the trailer could have their kid's toys in it :P.
I am in Dierks' fan club and won a meet & greet so I got to meet Dierks. He has a wonderful personality and was very nice. During the meet & greet we were able to get pictures with him and he even did a short Q&A session with us. Since I have known about Dierks I have always wanted to tell him we had something in common. At first I got nervous and didn't tell him what I wanted to tell him but before I left the meet and greet I had enough nerve. I told Dierks that my last name was Derx and he thought that was pretty cool. I love how he does the meet & greets compared to Rascal Flatts meet & greet but that's for another blog post. After the meet and greet it was show time. Opening act was Jimmy Wayne. I really only knew one song of his or at least thought I did. He was awesome! I am a new fan of his. He did this one song called "Sarah" and all I can say is WOW!!! He even jumped down in the audience and walked around a little. He was good. Great way to start the show and evening.After Jimmy's set it was time for Dierks to do his thing. As a friend of mine told me he is hard to get a good picture of because he is all over the stage. He sure is! If he stops somewhere on stage he just doesn't stand there he jumps around. UGH! DIERKS STAY STILL!!! :)
I love Dierks' curly locks and baby blue eyes. Such a cutie!
Dani did an awesome job catching this shot. I think this has to be my favorite picture of the night! Besides my two meet and greet pictures.
Dierks did an acoustic version of his song "My Last Name" and it sounded awesome! Before he sang that song he talked about having dog tags around his neck and that his father and grandfather were in the armed forces. He than thanked the people who were in the armed forces or people that were about to head in to the armed forces...very touching.
Once Jimmy and Dierks got us, a sold out crowd, excited Brad ran out singing "start a band." Brad knew how to keep us entertained and excited. He had lots of movement and screens with video that kept out attention the whole time. He did do a very tasteful and meaningful tribute to 9/11 and all the people that were lost that day. I was wondering if they were going to do anything since Friday was 9/11.Dani and I enjoying the cool weather and Jimmy, Dierks, and Brad. We had a blast.
Brad singing his song "Then" and it is one of my favorites of his.

After the concert Jimmy Wayne had an impromptu meet and greet for anyone who wanted to meet him. Dani and I took advantage of this and meet Jimmy. Very cute and very sweet. He has two new fans.