Monday, September 28, 2009

Family Reunion

Last Thursday family started arriving for a Derx family reunion. Everyone came down to Houston for a short weekend. We tried to plan stuff but never really did. My aunt and uncle from New York came down Thursday afternoon and the Dallas clan arrived Thursday evening. We had dinner at our house. Mom got salad stuff so we all made our own salads. Friday we headed down to Kemah to the boardwalk for dinner. We ate at Landry's restaurant and then walked around the boardwalk a little. Saturday we really didn't have anything planned except the boys were going to go through some of my grandmother's stuff. Since they were doing that Katie, Megan, Watty, and I ran to the mall to hang out away from the ciaos that was probably going to happen. That evening we brought in fajitas and they were yummy as always.
After we ate Ian, Jessica, Megan, Katie, Watty, and I went to see Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs in 3D. Pretty cute movie. Sunday we had breakfast together and then chatted for a few hours since everyone had to head back home.

The Derx Clan
l-r(back) Mary, Tad, Hardy, Leslie, Hallam, Dad, Justin, Ian (front) Me, Katie, Megan, Mom, Marie, Jessica, and Watty

Cousins l-r(back) Hardy, Ian, Justin (front) Megan, Me and Katie

Katie and Me

Watty wanted in Megan and my picture.

Megan and I after Watty got off me


Lisa and Ellie said...

WOw - no wonder where you have been!!!

I like your dress - it's adorable! And, Katie's haircut is super cute!

I bet watty enjoyed showing off for your family!

Sarah and Doniphan said...

oh! What great pics, especially the one with Watty in it :) Glad you enjoyed yourself, hope the movie was good!