Monday, October 13, 2008

Watkins first hockey game

Watkins went to his first hockey game on Saturday. He must have been the Aeros good luck charm because they won the home opener and even did some weird shot that made a goal that had to have been pure luck on the players part. Watkins did really good considering everything that went on.

The night started with me running his paw over. He is okay but mom freaked out for him. Once in and headed to our seats he tried to stick his head in one of those boxes that the guys sell during the game out of. We finally got to our seats and the team was warming up on the ice before the game and people were taking their seats. Watkins was so intrigued with everything. Once he laid down it looked like he was actually watching the game. I got a huge kick out of that. We took a blanket for him to lay on but he didn't like it. In the middle of the game he had to"hurry up" so we missed a little of the game. After that he wasn't comfortable and was not wanting to lay down. Mom tried to help position him but he was stressing so I moved away from Mom to calm him down and de-stress. after we moved away he calmed down and we saw the rest of the game. When we were walking out he saw a shadow on the side of the building across the street and barked.

I say he did pretty good considering it was his first hockey game. The Aeros won 2-1 in overtime. Hopefully next time he will be more relaxed.

Where's Watkins?

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SARAH said...

Alright! I wonder who Watkins wanted to win?......;)
Glad you worked the problems through! You guys are going to be such an awesome team! I can just see it :)