Sunday, November 2, 2008


It is late but Happy Halloween. Ours was fun. I found a perfect costume for Watkins but they were sold out plus I was broke. I thought he could go as a hockey fan except my jersey was to big, so he just wore a Halloween bandanna and me a Halloween shirt. Next year we will dress up. Watkins did great he even had his harness off. I thought he might get spooked or bark at decorations because he had when we were at stores passing Halloween decorations. The only time he barked was at another dog after they were face to face(at a distance). He was great around the kids but I think that's because we were constantly moving. The next fun thing is the Texas Renaissance Festive next weekend. I can't wait.Matthew as Rambo
Watkins as a hockey fan
My bumble bee Marshall
A witch peeking out of the window.
Motion sensitive guy that Watkins found interesting.
Clumber spaniel (I think) Watkins barked at.

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Lisa and Ellie said...

WOW - you guys found lots of interesting things along the way. How neat! YAY Watkins for being so good. Can't wait to see your costume next year!