Friday, November 28, 2008


It is always wonderful celebrating the holidays with family. I was freaking out about how Watty was going to act and I should not have. He was an absolute angel. Yes there were 3 dogs he would have LOVED to play with but we couldn't do it. My uncle doesn't have a fenced in backyard. I did let him meet Luke(black lab) and Millie(English pointer) on leash in the back. They were also on runs. Mister(Maltese) is an inside dog so they were always around each other. Mister did come and tease Watty every now and then but Watty did great. I am hoping the weather is okay on Monday so I can take him to a dog park which he really needs after this weekend.

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Lisa and Ellie said...

YAY!!! Sounds like he really showed off! HIP HIP Hooray!