Friday, November 14, 2008


I have really bad edema in my legs. For the past few weeks I have been going to a wound and lymphedema clinic to get them down. It was going real well until Monday. They wrap the legs and feet in cast material once a week. Last Monday they started to do a 4layer compression instead of the una boot to get more fluid out. When they took the first 4layer compression boot off I had a small bruise on my left foot. The doctor took note and said its normal with the first 4layer compression wrap and shouldn't be that tight this time. They re-wrapped my legs and by 1 am that night I was in so much pain I took them off. I have a huge bruise there now. Both legs and feet are very sore and tender at the moment. On Monday we are to start back at square one. If my feet still hurt they are going to have to wait a little longer. I am even on vicodin so I can sleep till my bruise stops hurting.

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Lisa and Ellie said...

Ouch - that looks like it hurts. Hope it feels better soon.