Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fort Worth Zoo

I went and visited Katie the week of her birthday and had a blast. We went out to eat at the Magic time Machine for her birthday and had an awesome and very cute waiter. We had pirate Sinbad. Of course when we told him about our poopy(Watty) he ran off and got Jack Sparrow. We had a blast with our waiter. If you go to the Magic Time Machine ask for him!

Thursday Katie, Megan and I went to the Fort Worth Zoo. It was a great day since it was cool and rainy. All the animals were out and moving around so we got some good shots. I loved that zoo it is so much nicer than the zoo here in Houston. Huge areas for the animals and different animals too.
We went through the reptile house and Megan was not a happy camper as you can tell. We kept teasing her and she wanted out. Love ya Megan.

While we were there it rained for a while. We tried to stay in parts of the zoo that had cover but after a while we said forget it and walked around in the rain. It wasn't that heavy of a rain but when a down pour started we found shelter. We finally decided to get ponchos for Katie and I, Megan didn't want one since she was soaked already, and then the rain stopped.

This gorilla had his back to the glass and when I drove up he turned his head. It was as if he was trying to figure me out. I thought it was so funny.

I had to go see the Elephants so I could see Ellie. I miss her and Lisa so had to get to an Elliephant. As we walked up all of the elephants came out and headed straight to us. One even played with balls which was cool.

This rhino was playing in the mud and splashing some kids with his tail. They were under the walkway we were. I call this the belly rub shot.

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Lisa and Ellie said...

Looks like you went on the perfect day! How awesome - what a great zoo! Ellie is thrilled you thought of her and loves the Elliephants!