Thursday, July 30, 2009

KSDS Grad Retreat 2009

July 7 Olivia and I headed to KSDS for this years grad retreat. We took a night flight to get to Kansas City because this was my first time flying with a dog and I wanted first class because Watty would have more room. Our flight was delayed about an hour so we didn't get to Kansas City till about 11 and we didn't meet our "taxi" to Washington, KS till about 11:45 since I am last one off the plane. We made it to bed about 3 that morning.
Watty waiting to board the plane.

On the way to Kansas City in style.

We got to KSDS a day early so we could take that night flight. Since we were there early Watty's puppy raiser's, Sandy and Bob, came and visited with us a little bit. They brought their pup they are raising now and boy he is huge. He is Ellie's brother and his name is Jackson. We chatted in the duplex a while till it cooled down and headed to Banner park so the dogs could play. I couldn't believe how big Jackson was compared to Watty.
Watty on the right & Jackson on the left
Jackson giving me kisses

Grad Retreat started Thursday morning and there were 17 teams. 3 guide, 1 social and 13 service. We started off with basic obedience and then broke into guide class and social/service class. The guides went out and worked on routes and what they needed to and social/service class worked on retrieving with/without distractions and other commands. Friday and Saturday we worked more on distractions and if there was still things we needed help on we had Michelle there to help.
July 11 happened to be the Kansas Counties first birthday. Puppy Raiser Lisa was at the retreat taking pictures for the newsletter and she brought Ellie. Ellie got a birthday cake and got sung to. She didn't get to have any cake but she sure did want some. I wanted to see her blow her candle out. :P The cake was yummy and everybody had enough to tell Ellie it was good.

While we were at the retreat Watty and I met his half brother Hansel. Hansel is a puppy in training and is oh so sweet. Watty looked like him when I got him only a year ago. Watty has lighted up so much.

Olivia, Watty and I headed home Sunday morning back to Houston. On our way home we rode a "barbie jet" and it was so funny how we had to put Watty. He had no room and I kind of felt bad for him. Watty was so tired I don't think he cared. Once we were in the air he was out. Slept the whole way home.


Lisa and Ellie said...

It was so much fun to see you again!!!! I had a great time with you and all the other grads!

4 Wheeling Princess said...

I had fun too and I am glad I got to see you 2 again too. Can't wait to see ya again!

Sarah, Tara, Annie, Sammy, and JD said...

Oh wow! I love the pictures! Jackson is huge! I think he is taller than Doni! Glad you got to meet Sandy and Bob again, that's always nice. Looks like it was a good turn out and I hope you had alot of fun :)