Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Exciting July 4th

Midnight of July 4th I woke up in extreme pain. It was almost like the pain I had in April which we think was gas. I got up and sat in my chair for about an hour and a half. Put a heating pad on my stomach and that helped a little. By 8 am I was in excruciating pain so mom and dad took me to the ER. They ran blood work and I had to have an ultrasound done of my abdomen. I had gall stones and had elevated liver count so they wanted to admit me so they could help me with pain and the doctors could figure out what needed to happen. Long story short by Wednesday I was having to take morphine for pain so they decided to do surgery. I am always afraid to be put to sleep but this time I was even more freaked out. When they went to intubate me they couldn't. The anesthesiologist kept trying but kept hitting the back of my throat that it made it bleed and she couldn't see anymore so she called off my surgery. I woke up in the OR with them sucking blood out of my mouth and back of my throat. I was in pain! They took me to ICU for the night. The next day I still didn't feel good at all and dad asked me if I had gone to the bathroom lately and I said no(i know tmi). Turns out I was FOS! Dr Dad to the rescue!! I am now watching my fat intake and on a medicine to try and dissolve the stones to push off surgery. I do not want surgery any time if possible.

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