Saturday, October 20, 2012

Missing him

It has been two moths since Watty went to live with my cousin, Katie. When we got up there he acted like that was were he belonged. I let Katie, Seth and Cayden take over discipline immediately. I helped teach Cayden some of the commands since he is only 9. Watty enjoyed Cayden's stuffed animals that were all over his room. He also enjoyed chasing Cayden around the house and backyard. I was surprised Watty didnt notice their pet turtle in the backyard.

Since Watty has been at Katie's she enrolled him in an obedience class so Cayden could learn how to train him. He also has gone to a water park with Katie and went missing for a few minutes. She did find him and it is so Watty; she found him taking french fries out of a kids hand by the concession stands. When she told me that I was like yep that's Watty. Watty also goes to Cayden's soccer practices and games. He also has met a new friend at the game named Bubbles.

I miss him but know he is in the right place and having fun.

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