Thursday, December 6, 2012


I go to physical therapy to help keep me as loose as I can be with this stupid disease but have had pain in my shoulder for years. Recently it has become both shoulders not just one. I have been to 3 doctors and have had procedure after procedure trying to find out whats going on and been on many different medications trying to lower pain with little to no relief.

Today I am at physical therapy and the physical therapist hears me telling my physical therapy assistant (who does my pt) about my shoulders bugging me more and more comes over after she is done with her patient and takes over. My old physical therapist left about 2 months ago and she took over for her. She looked at my paperwork and then ask what was going on. After i told her about my shoulder issues she just jumped right in and worked my shoulder out. She explained what was going on and why. She also showed what needed to be done and explained what we were gonna work on and hopefully I'll be able to have a lot less pain and more movement. None of the other therapists I've had ever told me what, why and how we are gonna work on it to help ease my pain. I'm praying it works.

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Lisa and pups said...

That's awesome news!!!