Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lisa and Ellie

The past few days my family, Watty and I have had the pleasure of hosting Lisa and Ellie. I meet Lisa after Shocker died about a year ago via an email and have became really good friends since. The one major thing we have in common is KSDS. Ellie is her puppy in training and they flew down from Kansas City. This was the first time Lisa had ever flown with a puppy in training and they both did fabulously. We had a full few days and they started as soon as Lisa and Ellie climbed in our van. Ellie was a great car rider. We first went home so Ellie could check her new digs out for the next few days and play with Watty in the back yard.

Lisa and Ellie

Tugging away at a rope

Ellie running with a chicken

Watty chasing Ellie

Watkins had time out quite a few times during playtimeChip venturing into the yard while Watty and Ellie play

Ellie and Watty tugging to their hearts content

Olivia playing tug with the "kids"

Ellie and Watty(Lisa has the picture that goes with this one)

Taking a break from playing

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Lisa and Ellie said...

Oh, I had the bestest time with you and I know Ellie did too! It was so much fun - thanks for being such an amazing host!