Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hockey night in Houston

On Saturday we were to have lunch and a play date for the puppies with Richard and his puppy in training Trotter. Richard had gotten the flu so we had to cancel. Since we didn't have anything else planned we worked with Watty and Ellie on a few things till it was time for the hockey game. Lisa hadn't been to a game in a long time and this was Ellie's first(and maybe only) game. She did wonderfully. She watched the whole game. It looked like she was at a tennis match how she watched the game. We even had a noisy group in front of us and she wasn't phased. Of course the grouped oohed and aah over her(and Watty). The mascot for our team is a dog named Chilly. The guy in it this year is a new guy and he is deathly afraid of dogs. I think its funny a dog afraid of a dog. Well he was behind me for a minute and since Watty is noise I had him facing behind me to see if that would settle him(Watty and hockey games will be a different post). Chilly was adjusting his paw and Watkins wanted to help. Chilly took off like his tail was on fire and ran. Everyone behind me plus Lisa and Olivia were cracking up. I of course was laughing too but it was a little of a delayed reaction. The handful of people behind me got their laugh in for the night. We did win in overtime against the Iowa Chops 2 to 1.
Whats hockey without a fight?

Watkins watching the crazy group in front of us

One of the crazy guys that were in front of us

Ellie watching the game

Ellie asking Watty if he saw that shot

Go Aeros Go!!

The score before overtime

Chilly and the Aero Dynamics

We had so much fun with Lisa and Ellie we didn't want them going home. Even Watkins protested Sunday morning by barking and whining his head off. He and I were still in my room with me tryong to get a few more Z's but Watty thought other wise. After we got up Watty ran through the house and backyard looking for Lisa and Ellie. It was so cute he even sniffed the place Lisa and Ellie sat at the kitchen table. After he realized they had left the above picture is what I found him doing all day Sunday. He was one tired pooch. I was tired too and I think after a week of sleeping in I am back to normal. Hopefully they make another trip down soon. We miss them both.

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Lisa and Ellie said...

ah, so sweet! we had a super great time...