Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rodeo and Rascal Flatts

Tuesday Olivia and I went to opening night at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Tuesday night was a spur-of-the-moment night. Monday we decided we were gonna go. See we already have tickets to see Josh Turner on the 14. Since its hard to be spontaneous for me I had a blast Tuesday night. I really never get to be spontaneous. Watkins went with us and he did marvelous. I had lots of people saying how well behaved he was and they wished they could take their dog out. We even met a team from Canine Companion for Independence.

While we were walking around in the livestock show kids had stuffed animals they had won at the carnival and were swinging them around. Watty thought they were trying to play with him so he heard a lot of those are not yours. We did see a booth that was selling dog things so he got a few bandannas there including a "cowboy" bandanna. In the booth there was a basket full of toys for big dogs and on the table there was a box of toys for little dogs; well Watty bypassed the basket and piked out a small yellow lab dog he wanted. When Olivia asked him to give he gave it to her right away(we have had problems of him playing keep away) so because he was being so good I got it for him. He loves that thing. On our we to the rodeo we ran into Howdy who is the HLSR mascot. Watty loved him. Everyone was laughing at his reaction to Howdy.
His reaction was completely different when he saw the horse below. It took me a minute to figure out why and what he was barking at.
I didn't get pictures of the rodeo. I will get some on the 14 I promise. I did get tons of pictures and a few videos of Rascal Flatts.Life is a Highway was one of their first songs(also it is Watty's theme song, I know I am corny)

This is what we actually saw from our seats. We did the smart thing and took pictures of the big screen(hehehe) and they came out awesome if I don't say so myself.

Song: Me and My Gang

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