Sunday, February 15, 2009

7 Months ago

Thats right 7 months ago I received this bouncy, hyper "little" fella. We are beginning to become a well oiled machine. Still some problems but we are working to get where I want us to be. This past month has lead up to Watty being free in the house and it has helped a bunch. He is now more interested in picking stuff up for me. We also learned my cousin is engaged and I am so excited for her.

For my birthday last month I got tickets to see Legally Blonde the Musical. We went to see it yestedray and Watty did fantastic. Someone saw him and said "Hey he is Legally Blonde." We got a kick out of that. Someone also asked if he liked Bruser. He did really well. Before the play he did not want to lay down where we were sitting. Luckily we were in the very back and there was carpet so I backed up a little and he layed on the carpet. He did sneak a kiss to a young girl that was sitting in front of us. When the play started Watty was a little spooked but calmed down and did amazing. After the play mom and I went to the bathroom and had dad hold Watty's leash. When we came out the picture below is what we saw. Crazy boys.

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Lisa and Ellie said...

YAY Watty!!! You are really becoming a great service dog!