Friday, October 15, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Last week Watty and I were busy bees. We had 4 concerts in 1 week. Saturday Oct 2 we saw Tracey Lawerance and Blake Shelton, Wednesday the country radio station had a free concert so Jen and I went and saw Billy Currington, Friday night Jen and I went to the House of Blues downtown and saw Joey & Rory, and the Saturday we went and saw Sugarland for Jen's birthday. I have already blogged about Tracey, Blake, and Billy earlier. Pictures of Joey & Rory and Sugarland will have to be added later.

When we were allowed in to the theater we noticed it was a small room. It turned out to be awesome because there were about 30-50 people there and it was an acoustic set. An intimate setting and the way they did the show was cool. They told us how they met and fell in love and married. As they did this they added songs so it was as they were telling a story of their life through song. Afterwords they did a meet and greet and pictures with all who came to the show. When it was our turn Joey got down on Watty's level to give him some love and he kissed her like crazy. Rory bent down to pet Watty and Watty kissed him on the mouth. They both laughed and got a big kick out of Watty. A few months ago their yellow lab passed away unexpectedly. Can't wait to go to another concert of theirs.
Saturday was Sugarland concert. I got Jen tickets to the concert for her birthday. She was super shocked when I told her we were going. Randy Montana and Little Big Town were their opening act. This was both Jen and I first time seeing Sugarland in concert. Their concert is energy packed and crazy. Watty kept trying to watch but where we were he couldn't. There were people in front of us and they were standing up. If they sat down he possible could have seen but that wasn't the case. We all had a blast that night.

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