Sunday, October 10, 2010

Discovery Green

On our way to the Texas Bass Classic we heard an add on the radio for an event at Discovery Green hosted by 93Q radio. On Wednesday Carrie Underwood was in town for a concert and Billy Currington is her opening act. 93Q was having an up close and personal event at the downtown park Discovery Green and they opened it up to anyone who wanted to come. Since it was a FREE acoustic set Jen and I jumped at the chance. We decided since the weather was nice we would also have a picnic and let Watty play in the dog park that was there after the set. We sat up at the stage and it was a good idea because as soon as Billy came out everyone stood up and came to the stage. I have noticed that every SRO I have been to if I am a few people back from the stage the artist finds me and looks at me...alot! I mentioned this to Jen and she told me I am easy to spot in a crowd and artists find a few people in a crowd to "sing to." I guess I am easy to spot since I raise my chair up :P Billy sang 5 songs and answered questions from Tim Tutle and Cactus Jack. After the performance we took Watty to the dog park but that didn't last long. There was a dog in there that was kind of aggressive so we decided not to let Watty play in there.

For some reason we girls giggle when we catch tongue pictures. Guess its just one of those goofy things to make us laugh.

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