Monday, September 15, 2008

After Hurricane Ike

We have survived. My family decided to hunker down and stay for Ike. For us where we are it was more of a wind and rain event. I have never been in a hurricane so this was an experience. We were very blessed to not have to much damage. We had a few limbs off of trees around our house. Our chimney cover was blown off and found in the neighbors yard and our porch which had a roof of plexi glass is no more. We have no power but dad charged his laptop so I am surfing for a few minutes. We have a generator that is running 1 lamp(at night), the fridge and my bipap at night. Power wont be restored completely until 3-4 weeks. We have been out since 3am Saturday. Watkins did great. I had him just in his halti Friday and Saturday and he seemed fine. Friday night the wind kept wiping the roof of the porch up and down because it was soon to be gone anyway and Watty kept barking when it thudded(is that a word). After I kept telling him he was okay he quit barking every time he heard that. Yesterday while I walked Watkins he meet two neighbors and gallivanted into their back yard with their dogs. His leash came off from his halti. He didn't listen to me to come back but he went straight into their house. They brought him out to me and told me what a good boy he was for going in the house and not running away. That neighbor also found 3 baby squirrels that fell out of the tree. He named them Ike, Tina, and Hunker Down.

Galveston is a mess. It looks like a bomb went off on some of the islands. Downtown Houston looks that way also. The street behind us looks luke a tornado went through. We are slowly recovering as a city. One other thing Ike took power out to 2.2 million homes.


Lisa and Ellie said...

Funny about the squirrels!

YAY - you survived with not too much damage. I'm glad Watty did so well!

Lisa and Ellie said...

I can't WAIT till you get back online.

I gave you an award on my blog.