Sunday, May 25, 2008

I am freaking out

We have moved our cruise from July 4, 2009 to November 22, 2008. I have tons of stuff to do between now and then. Here is some of the stuff I have to get done: passport(never have had one), get formal dresses picked out and made, go to KSDS and get my service dog, research what I can and can't do on the cruise, figure out what excursions I can do, pack, and head off for a fun and exciting Thanksgiving cruise. I also need to try and convince parents that its okay to take my service dog. At the moment they don't think its a good idea and to much trouble to take with us. To me its like taking me I am trouble to take places but they still take me. Also I will have only had my dog 4 months so I want to take him. If anyone has experience or ideas that would be appreciated?


Lisa & Runza said...

If I were you - I would take him. I tried to find a way to take one on my cruise in a few months. But, since he isn't a service dog, just a PIT... I can't. But, you can always decide after you have been together for a month or so.

On Call 24/7 said...

First off you dog is a cutie! Second off though I personally haven't gone on a cruise myself I know many have gone with their service dogs.

I would first ask these parents why they think it would be too much trouble. This way you could find out the real reason hopefully behind them not wanting you to take your well behaved, trained service dog.

once you find out what their fears or feelings are you could then approach them as to what a service dog means. That you have the right to be accompanied with your service animal in all public places, this includes transportation such as a cruise. The cruise ship only has to give you reasonable accommodations!

I have some family members that don't like it when I bring my service dog with me out in public. They will say well I'll have to call this place or that and see if they will allow you. I kind of laugh at that because I know the real reason. They just don't want to be bothered

Anyway I would first find out why they feel it's too much of a bother! Then go from there.