Saturday, January 10, 2009

Diamonds are a (boys) best friend

This morning my attendant brought Diamond over to play with Watty. Watty loved having her here. At first she did not know what to do because Watty was pouncing all over the place. Once Watty and Diamond got outside and started running they chased and chased and chased each other. Even our neighbor's dog wanted in. Once we got back inside it was time for Watty to get to work. At first he was still a little hyper but he calmed quickly. Diamond kept saying hi to me and Watty did really well staying where he was. Diamond even ran and grabbed Watty's bone from the bedroom and started chewing on it. She sure made her self right at home. The bone was about as long as she was. Luckily we had a bone here that we had gotten Chip but he doesn't chew on bones. It is Diamond's now.
Watty watching while Diamond says "Hi"

Bringing Watty's bone out from the bedroom.

Showing Watty she got his bone.

Chewing on Watty's bone.

Miss Diamond frog dog and chewing on HER bone

Laying in Watty's spot

Teasing Watty

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