Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dr. Watkins I presume

I can't believe I have had my wild child for 6 months already. Everyday we are getting better but there are times I feel we aren't getting along. This month has had many events. Watty went and saw Santa, he decided to have kennel cough, he ate two q-tips, and got mange. We also had Christmas, New Years, and my birthday. I had some doctor appointments too.

Watty had coughed bad and since Shocker had esophagus problems I called the vet and got him in. Our vet said he had kennel cough. Our vet gave us antibiotics and said to use a warm humidifier so we did that for two weeks as prescribed. We decided he either got it when he saw Santa or when he said hi to a pup in the pet store. I dropped a q-tip one day and then I heard a crunch. I then called the vet and she told me what to do and he came out unscathed from that. When Watty went for his kennel cough check-up the vet found a small spot on his front left leg. She scraped it and found it to be mange. It is the noncontagious mange. So he is on cream once a day for it. He is getting all medical stuff out of the way early I guess.

Christmas Watty did great. He tried to play with my brother's dog but he didn't want to play. He enjoyed all he got. New Years Watty barked at the fireworks when Chip was barking at them. Once we calmed Chip down Watty didn't care about the fireworks. My birthday was yesterday and we didn't do much except go out to dinner. He calmed down a little after we got settled and slept until the waiters sang happy birthday to two other people. My doctors appointments he did well.

So far this 7th month has gone great. I found out that a friend of mine is pregnant and my cousin is engaged. :)

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