Monday, June 1, 2009

Houdini 1991-2009

We got Houdini in 1991 after our cat BC died while we were on vacation. Houdini was from a litter that his mom abandoned. He was bottle fed before we got him so he never really knew how to give us affection except by biting or scratching us. Funny way of showing affection, huh? Justin decided to name Houdini and I forget the reason but he was a houdini. He had escaped the laundry room a coupel times and we had know idea how he did it. He did have his sweet side too. He loved to sit on your chest while you were watching TV. It was always as far up as he could get and he would be in your line of sight. He also had the loudest pur I had ever heard.

He was so good around Chip, Shocker, Watty, and Ellie. He was so good around my attendant's 2 year old too. He would lay all on top of him and when Houdini was done with it he would walk away. Shocker never messed with Houdini but Watty sure did. Watty would run up to him and lick him in the face. I think that stunded Houdini everytime because he had a weird look on his face like that wasn't suppose to happen. Watty also tried to get him to play but he never did. Houdini and Chip loved to share food. :P Chip would eat the food Houdini didn't eat and Houdini would eat Chip's food.

Today we had to put Houdini to sleep. For the past few months he had been on medicine but stopped taking it. All he would do is lick it, so we knew the time was close because he wasn't eating as much as he use too. Saturday he could barely walk out of the laundry room. By the time we noticed this the vets office was closed. We watched him Saturday and Sunday and noticed he wasn't getting any better and there was no change. We took him to the vet this morning and told us he was dehydrated and they could do all these tests to see what was going on. It would have been a $500 bill but the vet said it might not even help. Since he is 17 and had a good life we decided the best thing to do was to let him go and not go through all the test. He was a good kitty and will be missed.
Checking out what he got for Christmas

Drinking out of the dogs water bowl

Cowboy Houdini

Sleeping on mom's fabric

Watty carefully taking his toy and not waking Houdini

Sleeping during the Christmas festivities

Houdini protecting the Christmas prestents last Christmas


Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen. IT was good to see some pics of him while I am thinking bout him at work.

Lisa and Ellie said...

I'm so sorry Karen! He will be missed! He was a good training cat with Ellie!