Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moody Gardens with Michelle, Jolene, and Justine

I know I am late with all these. At the beginning of the month Michelle was down visiting her mother with her girls. One day Olivia, Watty and I took the girls to Moody Gardens. We had a blast. We did the aquarium, a 3-d movie, paddle boat ride, and the girls got to play at Palm beach.


Jolene, Me, Watty, Justine

Michelle and Justine being frogs


Justine looking at the penguins

The Colonel

Olivia and the Colonel

Model Jolene

Michelle and Watty on the Colonel

Watty's paw print in the sand

Michelle and Watty

Michelle asked Watty to do a "here up" and this is what happened :)

Trying to keep Watty cool while the girls play on the water slide and fountains

Watty's reaction to the boat's horn

Watty scratching his nose in the sand

Watty's first meeting with a dino

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Lisa and Ellie said...

YAY so great - I bet watty enjoyed seeing his trainer again