Sunday, June 27, 2010

City of Hope Celebrity Softball Game

June 7th was the City of Hope Celebrity Softball game in Nashville. This kicks off the week of CMA Music Festival. Artists and sports figures from Nashville play during the softball game. It is a charity event for City of Hope. Sports figures from the Titans, predators, and their baseball team play. Stormy Warren from GAC and Katie Cook from CMT were the announcers for the game. At the beginning while the teams were warming up some of the artists and sports figures signed autographs. I of course couldn't get to the field so I was a little bummed. Jen made up for it by having the artists wave at me and yell "Hi Karen!"
After the game the artists walked the sides of the stands to sign autographs and take pictures. Jen asked everyone that walked by to yell to me and they did. Jen befriended someone at the railing and when Ben Broussard came to them the lady asked him if he would go say hi to me since I couldn't come down. Within seconds he jumped the railing and skipped steps up to me to say hi. I was in shock! Then they asked Ben's "handler" to ask Chuck Wicks if he would do the same because I couldn't come down. The main reason Jen asked him is because I have a thing for him too.

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan & Keith Anderson

Bryan from the band Love & Theft

Ben Broussard

Chuck Wicks

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