Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Salute To The Troops

March 10 Olivia, Jen and I went to the Houston rodeo. That day was Salute to the Troops day and Rascal Flatts was performing that night. If you are keeping count you are right this was our 3rd time seeing them within a week. We are crazy lol. We arrived at the rodeo early enough to walk around the livestock show before the rodeo. One of the cows had just had a calf about 2 hrs before we had gotten there. Calf was adorable. Before the guys performed the army did an exercise and lowered the flag from the roof of Reliant Stadium. It was pretty neat watching them do what they are trained to do.

I had won a Meet & Greet with the guys from the fan club and that was scheduled for 7:30 so Jen and I waited close to where the meet & greet was to be held. Since we did this we pretty much missed the entire rodeo except for the last 30 minutes. My chair decided it wanted to try and die on me so Jen was helping me get enough power to move so I could get to the meet & greet. I was super stoked to get to see them but nervous too because a lot of the girls were tweeting Jay that I wanted a kiss from him during my meet and greet. I have wanted the guys to meet Watty since they sing his theme song but I wasn't able to tell them about his theme and their relation with Watty. We were pushed through the Meet and Greet fast. Once it was my turn I had told Jen I wanted to hug the guys, so Jen told Gary that I wanted to hug him but she had to help me. Gary told her not to worry and that they would come to me to hug me. The girls in the fan club who adore Gary say he gives the best hugs....they are so right! It felt like all my cares left me at that moment. Joe Don and Jay hugged me too but I think I was in shock when Jay hugged me because I don't remember him hugging me. I was in shock because when I got to Jay he said thanks for the tweets! HE KNEW WHO I WAS!!!! Jen helped me get situated for my picture with the guys. As I was turning around I ran over Joe Don's foot. He was so cute, he said "Don't worry its just the boot." Watty licked Gary to death and Gary stated that Watty is such a ferocious dog while laughing. I cant believe my dog loves a different Flatt than I do! After my picture was taken Jen came to get me and Joe Don and Gary grabbed her and said we need a picture with both of y'all. First words out of Jen's mouth was "Is her picture going to be deleted?" A few people have gotten their pictures deleted if they didn't go by the meet and greet rules of 1 picture per person. Joe Don made it clear that it would not happen and not to worry. To tell the truth I was a little worried they would be.

After the meet and greet we headed in to our seats. Once we got to our seats we looked over at the stage and saw Jim Riley, the drummer of Rascal Flatts, playing skip it with Gary's mic stand. We even tweeted him about that. We laughed and joked about him breaking it. Show was awesome! I can't wait till their new tour starts.

Audio on the video is choppy but I also have it on my facebook page if you wanna hear it not choppy, :).

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Sarah and Vance said...

OMG! that is crazy girl! 3 times in a week?! ha ha looks like you are a true fangirl, glad Watty got to meet his fav :)