Friday, March 19, 2010

Road Trip from HELL.....But Worth It pt 2

March 5- Jen and I woke up and got ready for the 4 hour drive we had in front of us to head to Columbus, Georgia. We had another Rascal Flatts concert to get to that night. This time we were meeting 7 girls from the fan club. All of us were either from Florida, New York, Colorado, or Texas. Once we got on the road we realized we were actually an hour behind schedule because Columbus was an hour ahead of Huntsville. Of course we ran into a lot of traffic so that slowed us down again. We finally reached our hotel around 6:30. Jen ran and checked us in and we were finally off to the concert! Once we got there we walked in and got our VIP tickets. All the girls were waiting for us by the door. Had a big group hug and we were off to find our seats. We loved them because they were right with the girls. This time there was no problem getting me on the floor. No weird looks we walked straight to our seats. Our seats were the best seats I had ever had for anything! We were row 4 seats 1 & 2 on Joe Don's side. We chatted with the girls till it was time for Darius to start. Watty sat between Jen and Jennifer during Darius' set. Darius got pranked again this night. During one song(forget which one) the mascot for Columbus hockey team ran out and danced with Darius and his band. While Darius was signing Family Tradition 6 goats walked on stage. That was hilarious! Darius is a great sport. I love him and will miss him on tour with the guys. Between Darius' set and Rascal Flatts set we fed Watty. After we fed him Kathy and Dani were standing beside me with water bottles in their hands and Watty was staring straight at Kathy. Dani told her that Watty wanted water and she was right! It was so funny how Watty just sat there and stared at Kathy's water bottle. The girls were surprised at how we gave him water. He drank it straight out of his water bottle. While we were waiting for the guys show to start Jennifer told me that the guys were staying at our hotel. Jen found that out too and the were just a few floors above our room. I was in shock! I didn't think this night could get any better and then it DID!When the guys came out I drove my chair to the front row. That is where I sat the whole show! Jen, Jennifer, and Becca joined me too. We were surprised that the security guards didn't say anything. Before the show Jen tweeted Jay, who we both adore, and told him where we were sitting. When they started singing Stand, which is one of my anthems, Jay walked over and sang the whole song to ME! He looked straight at me smile and winked. This song means so much more to me now that Jay sang it directly to me. Every time I hear the song I just see him telling me to stay strong through all my trials. The girls made a sign for Jen and I. The sign said: Jay- I think your gorgeous, We know ya wanna kiss us! Jennifer held the sign above my head and Jay read it and laughed. Loved the attention it brought me. He even threw me a pick he used. The pick fell on the floor beside me but Becca and Jennifer found it and gave it to me. I was a very happy girl. Jennifer loves Gary and she got loving from him too. Becca LOVES Joe Don and she made a sign for him. That got her a pick from him. She was so stoked. In the middle of the set Gary goes back to rest and Jay and Joe Don take over the show. Jay always does a skit. This time he did part of his "little things" skit and Hanna Montana skit. Also during this time Joe Don and Jay get to show off their vocals. Would love to hear a lot more of those two. During the song Take Me There Watty barked and darted toward the stage. We guess Gary hit a note Watty didn't like. It was quiet funny because it happened so fast but we also got control back as soon as it happened. That was Watty's only mishap at the two concerts. Jen and I brought Jay his favorite candy which are Snowcaps. During Take Me There Jay came and searched me out and sang to me again! It was so funny because he was actually looking for me and when he spotted me he turned in my direction and just smiled his dimply smile and stared at me! Jen handed Jay the Snowcaps while he was singing to me. He grabbed them from Jen and actually played the bass while the box was in his hand. It was so cool! There was another Jay girl around us but he didn't give her any attention. I was shocked! I was sad when the show was over but was so happy I was able to go to those two shows and meet my new family. Jennifer, Dani, Kathy, Deb, Lissa, Becca, Alicia, Jen and I are Flatt sisters to the end. Once the show was over we headed to where the buses were and "bus stalked" in hopes of seeing the guys and saying hi. While we waited we did see Jim Riley, the Flatts drummer, walk by and he yelled hello to us. Jen spotted Gary walking into one of the buses so we all yelled hello to him. He waved back and said hello. After a while the security guard that was out there, who made sure we didn't pass a certain area, got another security guard to bring a jeep over so they could sit in it because it was freezing outside. That was so not fair because we were out in the cold waiting on the guys. Yeah we are crazy. Around 1am they said we had to leave so we headed back to the hotel and sat and talked out in the lobby of the hotel. We were joking around till about 3:30 and decided the guys had used a side entrance to come in.

As Jen was putting me to bed we placed my bipap machine on me and it decided to not wanna work right. By this time it was 4 in the morning and we were both exhausted. We called Apria and they had a respiratory therapist call us back. She said it would be about an hour and a half before she could come. At that time I broke down and was hoping I would be able to sleep in my chair till she got there. Luckily I could but didn't like it. When she got there we figured out it was the electrical outlet that was the problem. So that night I slept probably 2 hours and Jen maybe an hour.

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