Saturday, March 20, 2010

Road Trip from Hell...But Worth It pt 3

March 6- After only a few hours sleep Jen and I got up and packed and headed out to New Orleans. We decided to stop there because that was the halfway point and my friend V's birthday was March 7 so I wanted to surprise her. This was the only day we actually got out when we wanted too and actually we left an hour earlier than we planed. The drive back was pretty smooth. We were both exhausted but made it to New Orleans around 6:30. We stayed at the hotel we stayed at when I visited V back in November. We got lost trying to find it but we finally got there and met up with V and my "nephew" for dinner. She was so surprised that I was there. After we had dinner together Jen and I checked in the hotel. We were gonna call it an early night but then we got to giggling and couldn't stop laughing. I had never laughed as hard as I did that night.

March 7- We headed towards home around noon and we were going to take it easy getting back to Houston. We had an easy ride back and around 5 we decided to stop and eat dinner. We found a Wendy's that had WIFI because we wanted to be involved with Jay's tweet session he was having that day. We decided it was a perfect time to stop stretch our legs and get something to eat.

This was sure a trip from HELL but with all the friends and fun times we had it was worth it. I would do it again in a heart beat and am planning on another road trip with Jen in the future. She is my "partner in crime" after all.

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