Thursday, March 18, 2010

Road Trip from HELL....but so worth it

March 3 Jen and I headed out to Huntsville, Alabama to see Rascal Flatts. Our plan was to leave the house by 9am. We walked out the door around 9:30 which was okay. As we were headed out we stopped to get donuts and Snowcaps. You will understand why the Snowcaps later. When we went to plug in Jen's ipod her FM transmitter wasn't working so we had to get another. While she was getting another transmitter I realized we left a MAJOR piece of equipment at home, my battery charger for my chair! So off we go heading back home, get the charger and head out finally! By this time it was noon. We were 4 hrs behind schedule. It took forever to get out of Houston because of traffic. Once we got going we were happy campers. As soon as we crossed in to Louisiana we stopped at the State line and took a picture. We had to tweet and tell Chank we were in his home state on the way to see him and Rascal Flatts.
After we stopped for a few minutes to take the pictures and tweet we headed back on the road. We were good until we came up to the bridge in Lake Charles. We were in stopped traffic for at least an hour. We didn't see anything but did see life flight come in and we had to do some detour that took about an hour and a half out of our schedule. If you are counting we were now like 6 hrs behind schedule. Jen and I literally ate in the car as we were driving. It was great getting to sit shot gun next to Jen on our trip. As we were driving to Huntsville, Alabama we were listening to the Flatts and joking around. We had some excitement when some animals decided to jump in front of us. Luckily we saw them way before anything happened. We were both so happy to get to the hotel that I slept only 2 hrs and Jen just laid there. A 12 hour drive ended up being a 20 hour drive because of all of the traffic we encountered!

March 4- After 2 hours of sleep we got up and started to get ready for the concert that night. Our hotel was in Decatur which is about 20 minutes away from Huntsville. We left early to go get our VIP tickets & find out where our seats were. I was worried they were not going to allow me to sit with the fan club on the floor. We got the tickets and found out we were on Jay's side(who Jen and I adore) row 4 seats 8 & 9. Perfect seats! They at first said no I couldn't sit on the floor. Jen talked with the manager of ticket sales and made a compromise to put me at the end of the row which worked out fine. When it was time to head in we headed to where we were told and a security guard advised us we needed to be on the other side of the building. He said he would take us because we had to walk where the buses were being held. Jen and I looked at each other in shock but knew not to mess with the buses. After we walked through the buses the security guard helped find our seats and OMG the seats were next to the catwalk! Best seats in the house!! Well the security guards boss said no wheelchairs can be on the floor!!! He worked his magic some how and got me on the floor and by a catwalk. He is my hero along with Jen for that week. So instead of being 4th row we were more like row 16 but we were still Jay's side so we were happy. Jen had a meet & greet with the guys so she headed there while our seats were getting all straightened out. When Jen came back from her meet & greet she told me all about it. She even told the guys she was with her sister and service dog. The guys looked at her crazy but hey Gary gave us some loving during the show. Ok now on to pictures....Darius Rucker was the opening act and the guys pranked him all weekend. SO funny!
JC PENNY 18-wheeler with the guys picture

Gary spotted us and he gave this crazy look then he mouthed "Dog!?!?"

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