Saturday, August 14, 2010

CMT Awards

Since we were going to be in Nashville during the CMT Awards we decided to get tickets because its a once in a life time experience. A week before we left for Nashville Jen and I were chatting about our trip. We started talking about the CMT Awards and all of a sudden Jen said: "OH MY GOD! We are taking a DOG to the CMT Awards!!!" I was laughing so hard that Jen just realized Watty was going with us. All week before the show I had to tease Jen about her realizing Watty was going to the show with us...I still tease her about it.

Day of the show we had the parade that morning and were outside pretty much the whole day sweating. When it was time to line up we ended up by a not so friendly person who complained about "standing next to that smelly dog." He didn't smell and he was being a good boy too. Our tickets we had were for the 3rd floor and they turned out NOT to be handicap seats. When we got to where we were to sit they sat us in the handicap seats of that section and said it was okay. At that point we 3 and Watty got comfortable. Jen was helping me get Watty to lay down in front of me and we found out he is afraid of heights! He did lay under Jen's seat though so we let him do what he was comfortable with and out of the aisle so he wouldn't get stepped on.

This was the view we had from our seats. Pretty cool spot. About 10 minutes before the awards were to start we were told we had to go to Customer Service and get the tickets fixed. By this time Jen is pretty upset because we were also told they close doors at a certain time and wont let you in. We get down to Customer Service and they say they have NO wheelchair seats available to change us to. At this point all 3 of us are upset but I am trying to keep cool. All of a sudden this cop walks up to us and asks if everything was okay. I am thinking great why did they send a cop for us? He said he remembered me from the softball game and asked what was going on. We explained what happened and he said to one of the managers that we were really good friends of his and they needed to fix the situation. At that point Jen and I were like OMG we are gonna get floor seats possibly. They did fix the ticket situation and we were back to the 3rd floor.

This was our view now. I liked the other view better. On our way back to our seats we got in the elevator with someone who was stopping in the "private club level" and when the doors opened Carrie Underwood was standing there waiting on an elevator! Jen of course said "Hi Carrie!" and since my back was to her I asked Jen "Carrie who?" M freaked and started bawling. It was cute and funny at the same time. She kept saying I can't believe I just saw Carrie Underwood!!!

Rascal Flatts and their wives sitting in the SMALL artist section.

Zac Brown Band

Faith Hill & Taylor Swift

Faith Hill & Taylor Swift (we were siting on the left side of the spot light)

Lady A won in the Group category and beat out my boys Rascal Flatts

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Sarah and Vance said...

Wow! You are making friends (and enemies! lol) everywhere! You are crazy, looks like a total blast though, glad Watty was a good boy and no! He is not smelly, oh well...people lol glad you had fun!